Excerpt from ‘Fire Maiden’

Hi everyone!  I’m on a tight schedule today, but thought I’d post and run!

FIRE MAIDEN is already available on eBook, but will be out in print on September 30th.  It’s the second book in my Maiden series, but can definitely be read as a stand alone.  Enjoy!!

Tina Gerow
Sexy & Adventurous With a Twist of the Unexpected
Fire Maiden – Coming June 2006 in eBook & September 2006 in Print from Triskelion Publishing
Knights of the Magical Realm:  Warriors Gone Wild – Anthology coming October 2006 in Print & in eBook from Triskelion
Stone Maiden – Available Now in Print & in eBook at Triskelion Publishing

Into a Dangerous Mind – Available Now at Triskelion Publishing

Dagan distinctly heard Kefira’s voice echo inside his head.  “James, Fi’s in trouble.”  He jumped out of bed, ignoring the disorientation that came from standing too fast. 
      To James’ credit, he didn’t question how he knew.  He reached out a hand to steady Dagan.  “Where and what’s wrong?  Tell me.”
      “I heard something about her being afraid of dying pinned to a cow.  She must be delirious.”
      James’ brow furrowed.  “Knowing Kefira, I don’t doubt she’s out there right now pinned to some poor cow.”
      Before Dagan could reply, Dara burst into the room.  “Fi’s in trouble.  Odeda is on her way out there, but you take it easy or I will tie you to the bed!”  She pointed a threatening finger toward Dagan.
      Dagan ignored James’ growl at Deda’s comment, and ran out the door and down the stairs.  Dara stopped him at the bottom, handing him his boots.  “You have to have your shoes on.  Grab a horse from the corral, we’re flying over.”
      “What about James?”
      “He has to stay with Ariel—he’s the protector of the child.  His duty lies with them.”
      Dagan didn’t like this news, but he understood.  Hopping out the back door, he pulled on his boots and looked up to see Logan already mounted on a black stallion and holding the reins to a bay mare.  He nodded his thanks and swung into the saddle, even as he urged his horse into a full out gallop. 
Kefira’s life force flowed out before him like a golden-red path of energy, and he followed it instinctively.  He didn’t look back to see if Logan kept pace with him, all his thoughts centered on Kefira.
      “I’m coming, Fi.”  He prayed his frantic thoughts would reach her.  Never before had he been included on the psychic communications between the sisters.  Maybe this was just a fluke. 
The unmistakable sound of wings cutting through the air caught his attention and he glanced up to see Dara and Odeda headed in the same direction as he and Logan.  When he came to a fork in the path, he veered sharply right following his senses, while her sisters went left.  When he crested the hill, he blinked hard to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating.
A cow brayed loudly while bolting around the pasture in obvious distress, a trail of blood left in its wake.  Pinned to its side was Kefira.  His heart froze in his chest until he realized her life force still pulsed around her like a shimmering shield.  Logan rode past him, loosening a lasso from his saddle.  Before Dagan could recover his senses, Logan’s rope reached out like a greedy hand and closed around the poor animal’s neck, stopping its forward motion.
Grateful, Dagan vaulted from his horse toward Kefira.  Dozens of arrows protruded from her chest and stomach and streaks of blood stained her shirt.  However, her skin resembled nothing but pure white marble.  “Thank God she turned to stone, it probably saved her life.”  He heard her sisters land behind them, but paid them no attention.
      “Fi?”  He gently traced her cheek with his thumb.  Her stone skin cool and smooth under his touch.  “Speak to me, Fi.  Are you all right?”
      The stone on her face rippled as it returned to warm supple flesh under his fingers, and her large blue eyes snapped open to glare at him.  “No, I’m not freaking all right!  Do I look all right to you?  Get me off this damned cow!”  Her outburst caused the captive cow to bolt forward and Logan had to hold the lasso tight to keep it in one place.  Odeda moved toward the animal’s head and began to stroke its nose and speak softly to it.
      Kefira glared up at Dagan and he couldn’t help but smile in relief.  If she was feisty enough to argue, then she truly would be fine.  He took another dubious look at the arrows.  Well, maybe fine wasn’t the right word.  “Did you see what did this?”  He started to reach out to touch an arrow, but Dara slapped his hand away.
      “I saw…me.  At least I saw someone who looked just like me, and then suddenly I was going on a cow ride, but sidesaddle.  It was both vamp and succubus though.”
Dagan exchanged a worried glance with Dara.  Apparently, the rumors from the vampires had just been confirmed. 



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  1. Wow! What a teasr! I’d like to see someone top that!



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