Our History From Antoinette’s POV

Hi Everyone! My writing name is Antoinette Villa and my dream is to be published. There I’ve said it out loud. That’s pretty scary, huh? Actually it was darn terrifying until I met my critique group. Thanks to them I’m still following my dream.

I’m one of the original girls, well not the original originals, but I came along when we were still meeting at Ray’s Pizza so I’m sorta original. I walked into Ray’s with the beginning of a rough ms and when I say rough I’m not exaggerating. Although I have been known to exaggerate, I’m not about this story. Judi took me under her wing like a mother hen and encouraged me to keep writing while Tina and Alexis cheered me on. The rest is history, I’m still writing and I know without this group…well who knows what I’d be doing. All I can say is, what a group!

Cheers ladies,

Antoinette Villa

Congratulations to Vijaya for winning the Desert Rose award last night. You deserve it!

3 responses to “Our History From Antoinette’s POV

  1. Antoinette writes paranormal and she’s a gifted writer. I’m snarky and about a subtle as an elephant in the refrigerator, but Antoinette has a flare she’s only beginning to realize. Thanks for introducing yourself. Maybe you could tell a little about your story next time?
    Two Weeks in Paradise – Amber Quill Press, May 2006
    Wild and Wanton – Amber Quill Press – August 2006, now available BEST SELLER #1
    Knights of the Magical Realm: Warriors Gone Wild – Anthology coming October 2006 in Print & in eBook from Triskelion now available in ebook
    Thoroughly Mannerly Millicent – Avalon, 2007


  2. I agree! Antoinette’s story is paranormal, creepy & fun 🙂 I loooove the prologue, which prickles the hair on your nape. 🙂

    Tell everyone about your story, girl!

    Tina Gerow
    Sexy & Adventurous With a Twist of the Unexpected
    Fire Maiden – Coming June 2006 in eBook & September 2006 in Print from Triskelion Publishing
    Knights of the Magical Realm: Warriors Gone Wild – Anthology coming October 2006 in Print & in eBook from Triskelion
    Stone Maiden – Available Now in Print & in eBook at Triskelion Publishing
    Into a Dangerous Mind – Available Now at Triskelion Publishing


  3. Yes, I write paranormal romance. My idea of a perfect evening is a bucket of pop corn, a diet coke and a good scary movie. When I finish the story that I’m working on I hope my readers will close the book and say just what Tina did. “It was creepy and fun.”



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