tut tut looks like rain ;-)

A storm is rolling in overhead. I love rainy sundays. I am sitting at the computer with a cup of Chai tea just messing about. I got a story done and in last night. Murder, Mayhem and Misletoe is a zany murder mystery novella that is coming out from New Concepts in December. I just sent it in last night to my editor. So I figured I deserved a day to mess about before I got back to writing. I am going to post an excerpt from MMM below. I hear thunder which means I may have to get off the computer. Gee, that would be just awful to have to go be lazy and read a book. My To Be Read Pile is huge!! I need to make a dent in it 😉

Oh I bleeped a couple cuss words..because I wasn’t sure about the rating of the blog 😉

Murder, Mayhem and Misletoe

Unedited Excerpt

“You f&%$# the hunky stranger, then stashed the weapon?” Paula asked, taking a seat next to Teddy.

Teddy was sitting in an empty office, one hand handcuffed to a chair. A policeman stood just outside the door. “No. The other way around.”

Paula leaned forward and whispered, “They won’t let anyone leave the party.”

Teddy pushed her hair out of her face. The perfectly prepared hairdo was now a tangle of curls cascading down her back. “You don’t have to whisper. They don’t have the room bugged. Any sign of Charlie?”

“Charlie is MIA.”

“Beth?” She asked, wondering if the cop out front would be open to bribery. She really needed another drink about now.

“I saw her with a group of cops.” Paula’s eyes filled with tears. “The chick ratted you out, Teddy.”

So much for the sacred bonds of childhood friendship.  “Where’s the Australian?”

The tears left Paula’s eyes and were replaced with a look of pure lust. “The darling is waiting for me just outside. He’s been a rock through this whole thing.” Paula’s expression suddenly turned serious.  “I know he groped you first, but you don’t mind, I mean if I keep him?”

“No, go ahead,” Teddy raised a handcuffed wrist, “Doesn’t look like I’ll be dating for a while.”

“God, Teddy what are we going to do?” Paula wailed.

Teddy squirmed around trying to find the most comfortable position to sit while chained to a chair. “I’ve no idea.  I take it since you and Aussie boy are not in here with me, Beth just ratted me out.”

Paula nodded her head.

“So I’ll be the only one going to the clinker. You think you can feed my cat while I’m doing time?” Teddy asked, trying not to break out into hysterical laugher. This was unreal. This was insane. This was like a bad Lifetime movie.

Paula slapped Teddy upside the head once, then again. “Stop joking around. This is serious.”

“Ouch, stop hitting me. I’m taking it serious.” She rubbed her head. “But what can I do. This is a nightmare.”

Paula looked around the room then she put her head close to Teddy’s and whispered, “What if I distract the cop outside and you make a break for it?”

“Even if we could,” Teddy whispered back and raised her wrist, “How do you suggest I get out of these?”

“I thought of that. You can use this.” Paula opened her palm and held out a black bobby pin.

Teddy laughed loudly at the sight of her salvation. “I’m not Houdini.”

Paula pouted. “Well, it’s worth a try.”

The sad thing was Teddy didn’t have any better ideas. She stopped and seriously considered Paula’s plan for a second. It had some huge holes. “And if by some miracle I could get out of the handcuffs and get past the guard at the door, how do you suggest I get out of the building. There are a dozen cops out there.” The room was a sparse white office. No ladders or secret exits–just a few chairs, a desk and filing cabinet.

“No idea.” Then Paula’s face suddenly lit up into a smile. “How many floors up are we?”

Teddy shook her head and laughed again. “Tenth. And no Einstein, there is no ledge I can shimmy out to, and no sheets I can tie together to make a rope. This is real life Paula, not a romance book.”

Paula’s eyed filled with tears again. “I’m only trying to help.”

Teddy patted her arm and smiled. “I know and I appreciate it, I really do.” She looked around again and tried to come up with a plan. Any plan. But there was no way out of this situation. “Crap I’m royally f*&^%.”

“It’s your word against Beth’s.”

“That’s true. Unfortunately Beth spends her Saturdays helping the homeless and goes to church every Sunday. Between the two of us, who would you believe? Wild, party diva or weekend saint in cashmere?”

Paula jumped out of her chair and exclaimed, “Zack and I can be your alibi!”

“A little louder, I don’t think the cop outside heard you.” An equally infamous wild, party diva and a hunky Australian as her alibi–somehow Teddy didn’t think that type of alibi would go over the way Paula hoped. “And say what? We were huddled in an office having a threesome? No, if I’m going down I’m not dragging the two of you with me.”

The door suddenly opened and two men walked in. The tallest was a blonde, blue-eyed surfer type wearing a pair of brown Dockers, a white collared shirt and blue striped tie. He carried a clipboard. The other guy was stocky, sported a mono brow and a sour expression.

The surfer dude spoke first. “I’m Detective Rogers.”

Teddy lifted the handcuffed arm as far as she could and wiggled her fingers in his direction. “Glad to meet you. I’m the wrongly accused bystander.”

She could have sworn she saw a grin flash across the Detective’s face. But when she looked again his expression was deadpan.

The Detective turned and addressed Paula. “We need to ask your friend a few questions. Would you mind waiting outside?”

Paula stood and started forward. She stopped and put her hands behind her back, opening her palm and offering Teddy the bobby pin. She asked over her shoulder, “Do you need anything before I go?”

Teddy was half tempted to take it, but lock picking just wasn’t in her repertoire. “No. I’ll be all right.” She tried to paste a reassuring smile on her face. “Say hi to Lover Boy. “

Teddy watched Paula leave the room and suddenly felt very isolated and alone. She squared her shoulders and faced the hunky firing squad. “In the movies they always ask questions in a stark room with a bright light.”

She watched as yet again the corners of the Detective’s mouth tug up before he caught himself and the smile disappeared replaced by a serious scowl. Even scowling, the guy was good-looking.

He seated himself at the desk and started flipping through a small stack of papers. “You told the officer that you entered the office looking for your friends?”

Teddy tried to remember all the tell-tale signs of lying. She uncrossed her legs and kept her eyes straight ahead as she answered, “Affirmative.”

The Detective tilted his head and eyed-balled her from across the room. “And then what happened?”

“I saw Ms. Beth Walkins standing over the dearly departed Wiggles,” Teddy answered, trying to keep her voice steady. It was one thing to lie about why you were late for work, and an entirely different thing to lie about finding a dead body. But she figured if Beth was going to accuse her of a felony, she might as well return the favor. All was fair in love, war and murder indictments.

“Ms. Walkins in her statement says she walked in and saw you standing over the body. “

Beth was going to ignore the fact Paula and Zack were in the room. If Beth was willing to keep the other two out of the whole mess, Teddy was happy to play along. Teddy lowered her voice and said in hushed tones, “Beth tends to hallucinate when drunk.”

The Detective narrowed his eyes. “We’re still trying to determine the murder weapon. Care to help us out?”

She plastered a nonchalant expression on her face and shrugged her shoulders. “Sorry. I’ve no idea.”

“Did you say anything to Ms. Walkins?”


“When you found her with Mr. Waswald’s body?”

Teddy studied her nails. “Not that I recall.”

“So you opened the door, saw your work associate standing over a dead man’s body. You then without saying a word left the room…,” He opened another file and started reading a piece of paper, “To go find your friends? But you were so distraught you never stopped and considered calling the police?”

She nodded her head. “Right again.”

He suddenly demanded, “Ms. Madison have you been drinking?”

She beamed at him. “Yes.”

“But according to numerous co-workers you were picked as the designated driver.”

The more questions she answered, the more pissed off he seemed to be getting. Unfortunately the more cross he got, the sexier he looked. Teddy suddenly had an irresistible urge to run her hands through that blonde wavy hair. Somehow she didn’t think the man currently trying to find a reason to put her behind bars would find that amusing. She cleared her throat and lowered her voice and tried to sound respectable and innocent. “That’s true. But sometime during the night, I decided to resign from the position.”

The door opened and a uniformed police officer stuck his head into the room. “Excuse me, Sir.”

“What is it Johnson?”

“Charlie Smith just confessed to killing Fred Waswald.”

“He did?” The Detective sounded surprised. He turned back to Teddy. “Looks like we owe you an apology Ms. Madison.”

Charlie confessed to killing Wiggles. Teddy didn’t believe it, but if it meant they would be taking off the cuffs and letting her walk out of the room, then she was all for it. She gave him her best smile. “Don’t worry I promise not to sue.” She raised her handcuffed wrist. “Now can you get these damn things off me?

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3 responses to “tut tut looks like rain ;-)

  1. I loved this excerpt. The humor between the girls is just priceless. The men in their world are so screwed…..


  2. What a VOICE! You are destined for great things…Samantha.

    Tina, check out our review (the first one) for Warriors! http://www.britblaise.com/blog


  3. Loved the excerpt. Another great read here.


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