Little of This and a Whole Lot of That…

Hello everyone. I hope you’ve had a nice Wednesday.  Isn’t the weather lovely?  I had my windows open all morning while I played,er,worked and the breeze felt so good.  It’s days like this that remind me why I live in AZ.  And my neighbor was baking pumpkin bread. The smell drifted in through my open window making it really feel like fall. October is my favorite month.

I mentioned earlier that I write paranormal romance. Several of you have asked that I post a sample of my writing. I thought today would be a good day to let you read a bit of what I’m working on.  I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Call Down The Darkness.

The animal’s eyes glittered in the moonlight.  Taylor said a silent prayer that Joey and Ava had made it to the edge of the buildings by now.  His fourth step brought his right foot down on a grouping of loose rocks that had broken from a large boulder.

The instant he stepped on them, a strange warrior-like cunning filled his body.  He smiled grimly and slowly bent.  Whatever happened next, at least he wouldn’t be defenseless.

The mountain lion blinked, surprised by the demeanor change in its opponent.  The animal shifted slightly, then took a step backward.

Encouraged by the lion’s hesitation, Taylor stood and brought up a jagged rock about the size of a large wrench.  “Make up your mind,cat.”  He slid the rock so the majority of it lay balanced in his hand like a weapon.  Reassured somewhat by the feel of the rock, Taylor spread his feet so his weight was evenly distributed.  “What’s it gonna be?  Attack or not?”

The animal screamed and crouched low as if understanding the challenge.  In the moonlight, Taylor could see the powerful shoulder muscles ripple and bunch.

Strangely calm, Taylor waited for the animal to make its move.  When the mountain lion shifted again, he smiled.  “Come on, cat.  I might not win this fight, but I sure as hell am not gonna go down easy.”

Suddenly, from behind him, a sound floated into the valley.  Taylor blinked.  It was the howl of a wolf.  “What the hell? First a cat. Now a wolf? I thought both these animals weren’t around here anymore.”  Cautiously, while trying to keep the cat in sight, Taylor looked back over his shoulder.  From the tree line, a grey mist floated into view.

The wolf called again, louder this time, and the mist responded by moving faster, heading straight toward Taylor.

Seeing it come, Taylor swallowed and took a half-step backward.  He sensed that the two bizarre events advanced together, much like a bugle call and a soldier would do at the onslaught of a crucial battle.  Taylor tightened his grip on the rock and glanced back at the lion.  The animal appeared to tense as well.

Either way, Taylor knew he was screwed.  There was nowhere to run.

In less than a heartbeat, the greyish mist reached Taylor and wrapped itself around him.  As it rose up his body, the mist wavered, throbbed, then thickened with some sort of power or life.

From afar, the wolf howled again.  Taylor sensed a tremendous surge of anger and revenge wash over him, almost as if the mist now claimed control of his body.

The muscles in his upper arms moved, stretched, then tightened with a strength he’d never felt before.  His fingers curled around the rock with a vise-like grip.

In his mind’s eye, he pictured himself with long black hair and a skin color darker than his own, almost sun-baked.  His nose broadened and felt heavier.  His blue eyes turned to the color of black coal.  Even the lines around his mouth sharpened and his lips straightened and thinned.

As if controlled by another’s will, his right arm lifted the rock to the side of his head.  His choice of weapon no longer felt awkward or unnatural.  To him, it had become a razor-sharp dagger, familiar and deadly.  From the back of his throat, an unfamiliar word rolled upward and left his mouth.  “Eeeeewaaaah!”

Instinctively Taylor knew it was a battle cry.  It reverberated across the meadow directly toward the cat.

The mountain lion snarled in response, yet, for the first time since the cat appeared, Taylor sensed a fear within the animal.  It’s tail twitched violently, but it remained crouched in one place.

More words left Taylor’s mouth.  This time the mountain lion backed away, nearer to the meadow’s edge.

Seeing it move, Taylor’s hand tightened on his weapon as if controlled by another.  Invisible strings controlled his legs as well.  Taylor stepped closer to the lion, ready to follow it into hell.  Saliva rose in the back of his mouth and he swallowed hard.  Whatever had taken over his mind and body apparently wanted desperately to do battle with the animal.

Once again he moved toward the cat.  He inhaled deeply and released a loud “Haaaaooooh.”  Though the cry left his mouth gargled-like and unintelligible, Taylor had no trouble deciphering the meaning.  It was a challenge of death to either the mountain lion or to himself.

Antoinette Villa

Butterscotch Martini Girl



6 responses to “Little of This and a Whole Lot of That…

  1. I love this scene! Way to go, Antoinette. Your book sounds like it is going to have all sorts of twists and turn. Just my kind of story.


  2. Way to go! Thanks for the snippet of your work. October has always been my favorite month too. Hopefully, I’ll get the happy feeling back again…


  3. Christine and Brit, thank you so much for your kind words. And yes, this book has several twists and turns. That’s one of the reasons this book is taking me so long to write. (G)
    Brit I used your suggestions for this scene.
    And I hope you get happy really, really soon.


  4. Great scene! I want more. November 1st is coming real soon. 😉


  5. You’re telling me. The pressure is on!


  6. In case you read this and say “Who?” Antoinette is now Tia Dani, or rather the Dani half of a writing team.


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