Halloween is just around the corner….

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I bought bags of candy to give away and have loaded up on decorations to put out to spook the neighborhood kids. 😉 Todd is enjoying the candy I bought. I’m scared to go see how much he has swiped. The dude has a wicked sweet tooth.

How about a Halloween Contest and you can win a download of Eye of the Storm. How do you enter? Click on the link below and solve the puzzle and you will find out how to enter.


So what do you do on your sundays? I take the day to mess about the net. Want to see the things I find to entertain myself?

Make sure you turn up the sound to scope out the viking kitties – http://www.public.asu.edu/~mharp/viking_kittens/VikingKitten.htm

http://games.yahoo.com/games/texttwist.html – I love playing Text twist

http://www.mondominishows.com/ – I especially love Thugs on Film

When I want to see what happening in the writing world I check out the following blogs:

http://www.misssnark.com/ – Miss Snark is an agent undercover. She answers tons of questions about writing.

http://www.mayareynoldswriter.blogspot.com/ A writing friend always has info about the industry.

http://alg.livejournal.com/ – The Senior Editor at Tor’s blog. It’s intersting to see into the lives of an editor.Especially one addicted to pistachio muffins 😉

Places with helpful info for writers:

If you want to know about an agent you can always check their status at


If you are wondering what type of advances the different publishing houses give authors, there is a list at – http://www.karenafox.com/money.htm

If you are a historical writer there is a big online writing contest going on over at avon fan lit site – http://avon.fanlit.com/index.htm?cid=00000020

And last but not least some author blogs I visit just to see what they are up to:

http://katiemacalister.livejournal.com/ – I admit it I go to Katie Macalisters blog to see what new hot dude photo she has up 😉

http://lucymonroeblog.blogspot.com/ – Latest interesting news, Lucy Monroe just sold a historical to Samhain Publishing.

That’s how I spend my Sundays. Messing about the net, reading a book from my huge To be read pile and generally goofing off.

Hope you find a link above to entertain you this Sunday. I am off to get another cup of coffee. Did I mention I am a coffee addict 😉

Samantha Storm – http://www.samanthastorm.com/
Eye of the Storm – Available Now!  http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/eyeofthestorm.htm
Murder, Mayhem & Mistletoe – coming Dec. ’06 NCP

5 responses to “Halloween is just around the corner….

  1. Lately Sunday is catch up day…and I never quite get there. I remember when, in the not so distant past, we used to all get up and go to church and then out to eat with friends or back to our house with friends. I used to complain because we had to get up so early to get ready on time and we were always right on the wire. I miss those days. Since we moved out of town, we’ve become antisocial and it’s a shame. Sunday was always the day to have people over for a nice meal…of course, for me as the chief cook, it was a lot of work.

    I’m going to take a page from Samantha’s book today and do what I want…after I straighten the house.

    Brit – finished a story this morning!


  2. Speaking of Halloween, my DH just showed me an ad for Haunted Hooters…give me a break!



  3. Very fun contest. Thanks for all the website links, made for a entertaining afternoon,f for me and my mocha frap (yeah coffee girls).


  4. Thanks, Samantha for the links. I can’t wait to check them out. However, I’ll do it tomorrow. I had company for dinner tonight and I’m beat. Yep, Brit when you’re the chief cook, having guests’ over is a lot of work. But it was worth it. My DH did a great job with a chicken on his BBQ and I made this cookies and cream cake that was to die for. Yummy food shared with good friends. That’s what I call a nice Sunday evening.


  5. Hi,
    I went in to the site and put your puzzle together. It was great fun but when I tired to send Sam an email it wouldn’t go through.
    I thought you ought to know that.
    Love your site,


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