3rd Review for Warriors Gone Wild


Title: Warriors Gone Wild Anthology
Author: Tina Gerow, Linda Wisdom, Dakota Cassidy, Brit Blaise
Publisher: Triskelion Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Mythological, Sci-Fi, Time Travel, Paranormal
Publication date: August 2006
ISBN: 1-60186-010-2
Pages: 163
Series:  Knights of the Magic Realm


Heat Level:
Rating:     lips There are four and a half lips here, but when I copied the half dropped off…4 !/2 lips

Fantasy Quest by Tina Gerow

Astiria Petrey needs a vacation and when the opportunity for a free one pops up, she takes advantage of the opportunity.  Fantasy Quest is a beautiful Caribbean resort where the oddest things keep on happening such as room service arriving with exactly what it is she wants to eat without her ever ordering it.  It’s enough to make a girl wonder if she’s losing her mind.  As a self-proclaimed computer geek, she’s more than happy to play video games while a storm brews outside. 

Lord Lerik is a strong and powerful master warrior that lives in Verrath, an alternate universe to Earth.  He’s been waiting for the mate that the Seer foretold would arrive when the time was right.  

Tina Gerow is an absolutely delightful author.  If you’ve read either book in her Maiden series, you’re in for an immediate chuckle as soon as you start Fantasy Quest.  I was completely captivated by the characters in Fantasy Quest and amazed by Ms. Gerow’s creativity.  Astiria’s insecurities and Lerik’s ability to alleviate them brought balance to their relationship.    

Guarding the Hellion by Linda Wisdom

Brad Hayes is hired by Shar, the Lord of the Underworld to keep an eye on his baby sister, Raven.  Raven is not to know he’s there to protect her while she’s on vacation. 

Raven convinces her half-brother, Shar, to let her go on vacation.  Shar doesn’t know that her main purpose is to spend the time trying to come up with a way to have to return Below. 

Guarding the Hellion is a lighthearted romp with several serious moments.  It’s a nice balance and both Brad and Raven are likeable characters.  Their private thoughts and interactions were entertaining.  Their chemistry was hot and exciting.  I enjoyed reading Guarding the Hellion.  

Mac To the Future by Dakota Cassidy

Jaynie Renfro is the Editor-In-Chief of That’s Amore’, a magazine owned by her mother.  She hosts the annual cover model contests yet is not impressed by man-girl vying for the coveted role. 

Cormac of Anglesey, or Mac, is from the year 1450 and is on a quest to find his magic sword. 

Mac To the Future is fantastic.  Jaynie’s interaction with the cover models was hilarious and her inner ramblings pure entertainment.  Mac is truly a sexy man with a rapier wit and his bantering with his sword is absolutely delightful.  Dakota Cassidy really “owned” these characters and made sure that they lived up to their potential.  I wish this had been a full-length story, as I didn’t want it to end!

Time Thieves by Brit Blaise

Colonel Daken Parker is a Borka, and head of Shadow Team Ten.  He’s been sent with his team to catch Korin, individuals that wreak havoc throughout time and space.  When a security guard attempts to stop his team, they try to erase her memory and when they fail, are forced to take her with them. 

When Jenny Bender came upon five men breaking into a storage unit, she didn’t know it would save her life by altering the future.  When one series of events leads to another, she offers her assistance and her loyalty to these men and their quest to save the future.

Brit Blaise is a master storyteller.  The characters in Time Thieves jump off the pages and the storyline is both action packed and exciting.  The love scenes are so hot you’ll be challenged to catch your breath.  I hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful new series because I would love to hear Peck’s tale.  Or Lawzard’s.  Or….




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  2. Wow! Awesome review 🙂 I hadn’t seen this one yet – thanks Brit! 🙂

    Tina Gerow
    Sexy & Adventurous With a Twist of the Unexpected
    Fire Maiden – Coming June 2006 in eBook & September 2006 in Print from Triskelion Publishing
    Knights of the Magical Realm: Warriors Gone Wild – Anthology coming October 2006 in Print & in eBook from Triskelion
    Stone Maiden – Available Now in Print & in eBook at Triskelion Publishing
    Into a Dangerous Mind – Available Now at Triskelion Publishing


  3. great review, congratulations. I have this book on my list, but haven’t bought it yet.


  4. Great review girls. You make me proud.


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