lost my mind working on a story ;-)

My brain is mush. I just got my newest story Shadow Vision done. I have been up late writing every night. Where has my brain gone? No idea. And until I get back at least partial brain function I figured the easiest thing to do was paste in an excerpt. So here is an excerpt of Shadow Vision for you to scope out.

Shadow Vision 

Unedited Excerpt

I tried to open my eyes, but nothing happened. The world around me had gone pitch black. And with that realization panic set in.

“You’ve been burned. Here, sit up and take a sip of this.” A strong arm lifted my upper body and cradled my head as cool liquid spilt onto my lips.

I drank deeply. “Where am I?” I asked between gulps of water.

“The basement of an apartment building on 42nd and Winston. My apartment to be exact.”

“Basement! Where the hell is Harry!”

“Keep your voice down. It’s still hunting for you outside.

“Where’s Harry?” I asked again suddenly afraid to hear the answer.

“Your friend is dead.” I was lowered back onto the ground and something warm, but slightly scratchy, was pulled over my body. Gentle hands tucked the material around my feet and up under my chin.

The shock of Harry transitioning from a live pain in the ass to a dead brother in arms was almost too much for me. I didn’t want to think of the family that would mourn him, or the man he could have been, if he had lived long enough to grow into himself.

I cleared my throat trying unsuccessfully to swallow the fear that was rising from the pit of my stomach. “The demon is still out there?”

“Is that what that is? A demon?”

“What did you think it was?”

“No idea. Just knew I didn’t want to be around when it came to its senses.”

It was a little surprising that he could see a demon at all, most people just saw a dark shadow that they didn’t want to focus on. It was extremely rare to find someone who could see a demon without training, and unheard of to see it as more than an evil looking human. And even stranger, he didn’t even seem to be that surprised that it was a demon.
“But I missed.”

“With the knife? Yeah, but when all its attention was focused on you I picked it up and stabbed it in the back. I didn’t stay around to see if I killed it, but it seemed dazed and confused.”

Suddenly something was in my hand. My fingers slid down the cool, smooth surface of the blade and across the slightly raised protection symbols that had been carefully forged into the metal. It was comforting to have it back in my hands. For a moment I felt less vulnerable. But what good was a dagger when you couldn’t see?

“Who are you?”

“A good Samaritan.”

As my body warmed under the blanket my mind started slowly functioning again. “Do you normally go around saving damsels in distress?”

“Only the attractive ones.”

A sudden noise set him in motion. His steps echoed as he moved across the room.
“What’s wrong?”

“Do you want the good news or bad news?”

“Good news.”

His body was beside mine again. Warm fingers brushed hair from my forehead. “You don’t look like death warmed over anymore. There’s some color in your cheeks and those burns around your eyes, don’t look as bad as they did at first.”

“And the bad news?” I asked trying to ignore the little shocks of tingling pain where his skin touched mine.

“Reinforcements just showed up.”

“How many?”

“I count three, maybe four. Two heading in the direction of this building. It’s time we made a graceful exit.”

I forced my body up and every muscle screamed in protest.

“How are your legs?” He asked.

“Better than my eyes.”

Hands steadied me as I got to my feet.“Where are we heading?”

He began guiding me forward. “There are two ways out of the building, the front and back door. The back has been chained shut.”

“Isn’t that a fire code violation?”

“You can send the landlord a letter of complaint later.”

“So where to?”

“The roof.”

“You’re joking!”

His hand placed mine against a smooth wood surface.  “Afraid not. Use the banister. Come on, get a move on. It’s seven stories straight up.”

We walked in silence until a hand on my shoulder motioned me to stop. A body pushed past and the sound of male grunting and swearing filled the space around me. Metal screeched against metal. A cool breeze suddenly caressed my skin. Strong fingers wrapped around my arm pulling me slowly forward. I stumbled along using my other hand to balance against his.

He suddenly stopped. “Wow!”

“Wow what?”

“A couple of blocks away there is a huge building on fire, it’s really going, the flames must be fifty feet in the air.”

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. “Which direction?”

“South. It looks like some kind of a warehouse.”

I knew what building was on fire. A training night was one of the few times you could find the entire cell for my part of the city in one place. If the demons torched the warehouse and setup a perimeter to catch anyone who escaped, they would in one stroke cripple our defenses. I had never heard of any demon attacks with that level of planning or organization. Something was dreadfully wrong, and there wasn’t much one blind and inexperienced DK could do about it. For now I just had to get out of the snare, keep my ass alive, and see if there was anyone left to report to.

“Now what?” I demanded.

“Across to the other building.”

I couldn’t keep the amusement from my voice. “How? Fly?”

“I don’t know. Can you? I saw you slam that thing into a lamp post.”

“No, I can’t fly.”

“But you did something to it?”



“With my mind.”

“Are there many like you walking around?”

“A few.”

“And how many are there of those creatures?”

“You don’t want to know.”

His hands left my body. I tried not to panic at the suddenly loss of human contact. Blinded, standing on the roof of an unknown building, I was suddenly filled with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. It didn’t help. My heart was pounding frantically inside my chest.

I almost cried out with joy when he spoke again.   “Okay, I found some boards. I can stretch a couple across to the roof of the next building.”

“If you hadn’t noticed, I can’t see.”

“I’m open to other suggestions. Have any?”

The man was insane. There was no way I was going to try a balancing act across rooftops. Not even with my sight and a net.

Two hands came to rest on either side of my shoulders. “One foot in front of the other. Take it slow. I’ll guide you from behind. And whatever you do don’t look down.”

“Very funny.”

It wasn’t like he was giving me much choice. His body was forcing me forward. I took one step and then another. I tried to relax, but every part of my body was screaming to retreat, to go back.

I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck. Another step and then another. I slowly made my way across the makeshift bridge. With each step I could feel the boards flex and bounce.

And then it happened. I stepped down and felt nothing.

Missed the board. The words screamed in my head as my arms reached out desperate for something to steady myself. He might have been able to keep me from falling if I hadn’t panicked. My body lurched forward. I was suddenly completely off the board and free falling to my death.

Fingers dug into my wrist. The weight of my body coming to a sudden halt forced my shoulder out of its socket. The immense pain stilled the scream on my lips. My mind was filled with nothing but pain. A hot, white pain that shot up my arm and through my head, forcing the air from my lungs.

“Shit… Stop struggling…,” His voice came out in gasps.

“Don’t let go,” someone begged. I realized it was me.

…..okay that’s all for now….I will give a shout out when I know it’s coming out. Until then Murder, Mayhem and Misletoe is coming next month in December. I don’t have a firm date, but will shout that out when I know for sure 😉 Hope you had a great weekend. And hope your monday is full of much coffee and chocolate 😉

Samantha Storm – http://www.samanthastorm.com/
Eye of the Storm – Available Now!  http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/eyeofthestorm.htm
Murder, Mayhem & Mistletoe – coming Dec. ’06 NCP
Butterscotch Martini Girls Blog- http://www.butterscotchmartinigirls.com/
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