That’s Not My Name…

Or is it?  For sometime I was planning to use the pen name “Antoinette Villa.”  I think it is a beautiful name. She was my husbands grandmother, born in Italy, before she married and became a Petrone. I love Antoinette, but I’m having a difficult time when someone asks me my name. I stutter. Not a good sign.  So, I did what we all do when we have an important decision to make. I made a list.

Reasons to use a pseudonym, noms de plume, the pen name:

1. Real name is hard to remember.

2. Real name sounds funky.

3. Your name is same or similar to another author.

4. You’re shy.

5. Already established as an author and thinking of writing in a different genre.

6. Security issues.

After studing each issue carefully and talking it over with the Martini girls, I’ve decided, if your real name works, it’s probably best to stick with it. So, at least for the time being, I’m sticking with Beverly Petrone. Petrone is easy to remember, think tequila, (Patrone) e not a, but close enough. I think it’s a marketable name and one I’m comfortable with and not likely to forget when I get nervous. Which is a big plus. And, I may still use Antoinette at a later time. But for now, I need to get my web site up and running and finish my book.

Now I have another decision to make. Lunch. My grandson is here and he’s staring over my shoulder. Do I get the hint? I think so…let’s see, leftover turkey and stuffing or pumpkin pie? Or both? Or…



Butterscotch Martini Girl

5 responses to “That’s Not My Name…

  1. I’m sorry Bev, I thought you were writing as Bev. I didn’t realize it would be Beverly. Looks like I need to make more adjustments. I had a grandson encounter a few minutes ago…the same one I have every morning. Parker is an early riser and screams for me from his bedroom to come and get him.


  2. Oh gosh, let’s leave it as Bev. I wasn’t thinking. As usual I had a jillion things on my mind. Bev works for me. I’ve probably confused everyone enough already.


  3. I think Bev Petrone is an awesome author’s name! You go girl – and finish that book! 🙂

    Tina Gerow
    Sexy, Snarky, Sensuous
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  4. You’ve got the perfect author name. To me it sounds mysteries and classy at the same time. My last name, all a person is going to think of is spiders!:)


  5. Thanks, Tina. I’m getting closer to The End! Carol, mysterious and classy, can’t get much better than that. Big thanks. You made me laugh with the spider comment.


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