Heart’s Paradise – free read – installment 2

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Heart’s Paradise by Samantha Storm

* * *

Amanda played in the surf and wondered what was taking Devin so long. She dove under water, swimming a few feet before resurfacing. The water felt great, cool and soothing against her hot skin.

She would have to leave the island. If Devin was able to track her it meant she wasn’t safe. As soon as he left she would make up new arrangements and leave. Where to this time? Canada? Mexico? It didn’t really matter. Until she could put all the pieces together the smart thing was to keep moving.

She was tired of running. She was not a woman accustomed to being afraid. She took a deep breath. For the moment she wanted to pretend everything was normal. Pretend that she was truly on vacation and just for today, she wanted to enjoy her life and take advantage of this Hawaiian paradise.

She loved the ocean. As a child she spent countless summers down by the beach – mornings building sand castles with her sister and long afternoon’s body surfing with her father. Amanda couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. The waves were calling to her to come and play. The water was warm. She waded in and then dove straight into the surf. She swam out past the surf’s breaking point. She floated on her back, enjoying the feel of salt water against her body, as she searched for the perfect wave to ride.

There it was – the one she was waiting for. Swimming hard, she tried to match the swirling waters speed, intent on riding its wake smoothly into shore. But she mistimed her approach and suddenly found herself too far in front. The six foot wall of water began to crest.

There was nothing she could do. It crashed over her, throwing her body under. She was tossed helplessly against the sandy bottom. As she rolled along, she tried not to panic. All she had to do was hold her breath and wait until she stopped tumbling. Then she could get her bearings and once she knew which way was up, she could swim towards the surface.

Suddenly a strong pair of arms grabbed her. She gasped for air as her head broke the surface. Devin was dragging her by one arm towards the beach.

He swam until it was shallow enough he could stand. He pulled her close into his body. Her chin came to rest against his chest, and she could hear his heart pounding loudly.

“What the hell are you doing Baker? Trying to drown?”

“Let me go, I’m fine! I got tumbled by a wave.” Even though Devin at 6″3′ could stand, Amanda at 5″ 8′ couldn’t touch the bottom, which was making it impossible for her to get any leverage as she struggled, trying to get out of his arms.

“You scared the crap out of me. I come down expecting to find you lounging in the sun. I see you go under…”

She’d forgotten how strong he was. She tried squirming again out of his arms. “Let go of me,” she swore as she tried to get away from him. “You’re smothering me.”

“Are you sure you are alright? Are you cold?” His body felt warm against hers.

It wasn’t the cold water making her shiver. Small electric shocks were going off in her body every where their skin made contact.

“You can let go of me now.” She could feel the heat of his breath caressing her neck.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

She took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on anything but his body. It had been such a long time since she had felt the touch of a man. Get a grip a voice in her head yelled out. This was Devin. The man she had vowed to stay away from.

“Devin, let go!” she demanded as she began to struggle in earnest.

He let go of her instantly and she plopped back under the water.

She came up sputtering, “I can’t believe you did that!”
Devin splashed water in her direction and laughed, “You said let go. Baker, you look like a drowned rat.”

Amanda tried to push her hair out of her eyes and look dignified, but she couldn’t keep a straight face. “Thanks a lot.” She frowned and tugged at her suit. “My bathing suit is full of sand.”

Devin raised an eyebrow and grinned, “Go ahead, take it off, I’ll turn around until you get everything back in place.”

“In your dreams!” she shouted at him before swimming for shore.

Devin followed her in. She could hear him chuckling at her appearance as she began toweling off. He was wearing red surfer bathing shorts and Amanda couldn’t help but admire his tanned, athletic body as he lay in the sun. She tried not to gawk at his muscular arms and ripped stomach muscles. He looked like a sleek wet, very dangerous panther sprawled out on the sand.

Amanda, get a grip she chastised herself as tried for the third time to avert her eyes away from his abs.

The sun was affecting her judgment. She did not want nor did she need anything to do with Devin MacDonald. And a tiny voice inside her head added, maybe if she told herself the lie enough times she might begin to believe it.

Check back nex sunday for next installement…

Samantha Storm – http://www.samanthastorm.com/
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Murder, Mayhem & Mistletoe – coming Dec. ‘06 NCP

2 responses to “Heart’s Paradise – free read – installment 2

  1. I am enjoying this story.


  2. Thanks for the read. I’m getting into this story now and can’t wait until next week for another installment.


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