I’m writing a book…really…

Over the past few days, I’ve been enjoying being able to set my own schedule and write in the mornings, which is my most productive writing time.  Not to mention, hanging out at a favorite restaurant or two and a few Starbucks.  For some reason, the energy there allows me to plow right through my daily wordcount without all the distractions that I get at home. 

Anyway, it started at breakfast a few days ago.  I finish breakfast and ask for more hot water for my hot tea and I’m typing away making really good progress on a scene.  The waitress brings my hot water and asks, “What are you writing, a book?”  (The tone is playful and joking.)  Anyway, I reply, “Yes.”  Her steps falter, her brow furrows and she says, “Really?”  To which I reply, “Yes.”  I smile and start to tell her I’ll leave her some bookmarks when I go, but then she adopts the “smile.”  You know, the one that says, ‘Yeah, right.  This woman seriously thinks she’s writing a book.  Good luck with that.’  You all probably know exactly the one I’m referring to.  Anyway, when I leave, I leave several Stone Maiden and Fire Maiden book marks on the table, pull on the leather jacket and go to pay.

While I’m up paying, the same waitress comes up to talk to the three or four other waitresses standing around next to the woman who is taking my money.  She holds up my bookmarks and says, “Hey, you know that woman at table 29?  She really is a writer, look, she left these bookmarks!”  At that point I smiled and told her they were mine – she didn’t recognize me with the black jacket over my bright red shirt – and they all peppered me with questions and said they’d go check my website.  No harm, no foul, cute story for later – right?

Fast forward to yesterday where I had a very similar experience, not only at a different breakfast place, but also at Starbucks where I went for a few hours after I left the breakfast place.  I think I’m fascinated by the human reaction to writers.  People always are impressed/amazed and sort of in awe – once they find out we are published and are actually working writers already.  But if they think we aren’t published yet and just struggling to write that first book, then they are all politely condescending.  What’s up with that?  I mean, aren’t the unpublished struggling authors the ones who need the most support and understanding?  Things that make you go, ‘hmmmm’ as Arsenio used to say 🙂

On that note, I hope everyone has a great holiday!  I ate breakfast at home today, but I am planning another Starbucks writing block in a bit, so who knows what will happen today…lol.  Wish me luck!

Tina Gerow
Sexy, Snarky, Sensuous
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One response to “I’m writing a book…really…

  1. Oh Tina you’ve hit upon exactly why I tend to keep this knowledge of my ‘writing-a-book’ pretty close to home at least until I get published. That ‘look’ says soooo much doesn’t it!

    Hope you had a great Christmas!


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