Finalist in the Emily Contest!

I just got the call yesterday from a contest coordinator that I finaled in the Emily Contest in their Paranormal Category for Shrouded in Mystery.  The competition was fierce I’m told, which makes it so much sweeter by learning that I’m 1 of 3 who finaled in that catagory
This is the 4th contest I’ve entered and finaled.  I finaled under the short contemporary category in Valley of the Sun’s Hot Prospect contest several weeks before.  Then two weeks ago I got the call on another paranormal romance, Shrouded in Darkness.  This romance finaled in the The Beacon Contest from First Coast Romance Writers under their Paranormal Category.  Last week I received another call from the contest coordinator of the North Louisiana Story Tellers & Authors of Romance.  I finaled in their Suzannah contest for Shrouded in Mystery.  I’ve entered 5 contests and finaled in 4!  I’m just amazed.  I haven’t heard back on the 5th contest.  It would be too bizarre if I finaled in that one too.

Strangely, these books have been around for a while with some changes here and there.  People have told me perseverance is the key to success, and it looks like it may be paying off.  I’ve been writing for far too many years than I like to advertise! 

What a way to start the year.  Now I just need that book contract!
Happy New Year!

One response to “Finalist in the Emily Contest!

  1. Way to go! How exciting! I hope one day we get to say, “I knew Carol back when…”


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