Butterscotch Martinis & Personal Stories & Drunk Shopping

Tonight I met with three good friends over some Butterscotch Martinis (of course), and some sushi.  And as any self-resecting woman knows, as soon as more than one woman goes out and orders drinks — it becomes an official GIRLS NIGHT OUT!  And one of the rules of such a night is that while drinking and eating (at least enough to float the alcohol), you have to tell stories about past sexcapades — the good, the bad, and the outrageously funny — past boyfriends, husbands both past and present, and work stories obnoxious enough to be included in a revival of the dilbert cartoon.  And each of these stories must have a snarky title such as the beach story, business card boy story, the underwear in the bar story, Mongo with the uncircumcised garden hose story, and other such descriptive names.  Which of course are told to laughs, giggles and appreciative gasps and guffaws.  But at least Kona Grill was nice enough not to kick us out for making too much noise.  (Yeah, it’s happened before — shocker, right?)  More likely, out waiters enjoyed listening to four women talking openly and exteremly descriptively about some of the more brazen and ‘free’ episodes in our lives.  No wonder our glasses were never lower than half full before our three — count ’em, three — waiters were hovering at our elbows ensuring we had everything we needed…lol.  After several drinks, and as outrageous as some of our very true and factual stories are, we’ve decided that from here forward, with each retelling we need to add some fun embellishment.  That way when we are ninety, sitting around having rounds of Butterscotch Martinis, all those stories will be even more fun!  Hell, with that many retellings, those new details will just blend right in there, right? 🙂  Besides, that way none of us will get bored hearing the same stories over and over.  And since it’s every parent’s duty to remind their kids what scandalous behavior they participated in back in their prime – and beyond.  (I fully intend to be adding fun stories to my repetorie until the day I die – embellishment just adds to the excitement over time…lol) what better way to torture them, than to live outrageously and tell even better stories?!? 🙂  Anyway, a fitting end to any girl’s night out dinner has to be dessert.  (Hey, can’t have long detailed talks about sex without some chocolate, can you?)  So, we ordered the chocolate brownie and the turtle cheesecake, and went on to a brand new round of stories.  (Between the four of us, we probably have enough stories to last for an entire month of dinners…lol.)

So, what do four tipsy women do after several hours of talking sex, enjoying dessert and savoring butterscotch martinis?  Since we are responsible citizens who know better than to drink and drive, and Kona Grill is located at a very posh local mall, the next logical activity for us was (drumroll please…) DRUNK SHOPPING!!!!  (Okay, so it was tipsy shopping, which is a level down from buzzed shopping, and several levels under drunk shopping, but you get the idea.) 

Our first stop was MAC, a very cool makeup store, where in a similiar drunk shopping expedition last year I dropped quite a chunk of change.  Tonight, however, I was nice enough to help Kayce drop a chunk of change, while I made it out of there with only one $15 tube of lipstick.  (Kayce looks amazing with her new purchases, by the way!)

Then we headed over to Sephora’s briefly, back to MAC and then on to Victoria’s Secret.  What shopping trip — tipsy, drunk or otherwise — would be complete without lingerie shopping.  Not sure how many of you have checked out Victoria’s Secret lately, but there’s some great stuff in there.  However, I’m stubbornly sticking to my goal of continuing to lose weight so I can get back into the several drawer’s full of beautiful lingerie I already have.  My twenty-five pounds down over the past several months has allowed me to get into a few, so I’m holding out!  (Gotta go slowly so I don’t wear out my poor dh…lol)  Anyway, now that you’ve all gotten your ice pick out to erase that visual picture…lol…we’ll move on. 

April (an artist friend of ours who is one of those stunningly beautiful women, who still looks amazing after two children, and is such a great lady, you just can’t hate her for it) did buy several pairs of lacy/silky underwear.  They were so cute and sexy (and would most likely fit around my thigh…lol) but I’m sure her husband will very much appreciate her purchase.  (You can thank us later, CJ) 🙂

So, after several hours of female bonding and fun, we went our separate ways.  But not before I paused to truly appreciate how many great friends I have in my life.  Not only the three women who I shared company, drinks, stories and comraderie with tonight, but several others, including the rest of my beloved Butterscotch Martini Girls Critique Group, other fellow writers I’ve met throught this great career of writing who live all around the globe, as well as friends from my Corporate America days and my wonderful husband.  I’m truly blessed.  And since I know not everyone in the world is as blessed as me in this respect, I’m thankful each and every day for each and every good friend who touches my life.  You all make me a better person for knowing you, and I want you all to know you’re appreciated and loved.

So here’s to you ladies (and the few gents) – I raise a Butterscotch Martini to you for everything you do.


5 responses to “Butterscotch Martinis & Personal Stories & Drunk Shopping

  1. Great blog, Tina…and a great evening with great friends. Those stories were hysterical and they’ll be even funnier the next time we tell them since we’ve given ourselves permission to do rewrites. Thanks to all 3 of you for helping me spend my money…as if that’s ever a problem for me. Love you girls. Thanks for the laughs. Isabella…you should’ve triple-dog-dared me…I might’ve.



  2. Great post, Tina. My world has changed for the better since you and the rest of our critique group came into my life. I feel blessed too.
    But I gotta ask…what’s the deal with the triple dog dare? Kayce?


  3. Sounds like you guys had a blast! Nothing beats having a buzz shopping expedition–until you wake up the next morning and find out how much you spent! 🙂


  4. Drunk blogging! I love it!
    I also love you gals and am SO JEALOUS I couldn’t be there.
    Next time take pictures of the waiters!


    • I missed the drunk shopping! I think that was when Tiff had cancer and I wasn’t always available. However, I hate shopping, so I’m not sure even being tipsy would have made it better. Although it would be riot to do a blog post…comments, etc together while having imbibed. 🙂 It could happen.


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