Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe is out ;-)

going to try this again 😉 last time I tried to get all fancy I messed up the blog. I have been busy promoting my newest release Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe.

MMMMurder, Mayhem and Mistletoe

Available now!

New Concepts Publishing

LENGTH: Novella

What do you get when you think you’re going to party down… but every guy you know has left you with Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe?

Join Teddy’s hilarious sexy romp and find out who ‘did it’, or who’s doing who!

If you think you know Samantha Storm’s writing, well… guess again! You haven’t seen anything like this before! Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe is rated Carnal, so buyer beware!

Now to celebrate the release how would you like to win a Samantha Storm coffee cup and some Kona coffee straight from Hawaii? 😉 All you have to do is read the excerpt and answer the question “What did Paula try to give Teddy to help her escape the handcuffs?” Send your answer to and I will randomly pick a winner end of January. I also have another contest on my site you can enter –

So thats my spiel for this lazy sunday afternoon. It’s overcast up in Superior and looks like any moment we are going to get rain. Hope this weekend finds you well. If you are home hanging out and having a lazy sunday and you are looking for something to do why not check out MMM. It’s a fun, short read and only 3.50. 😉

Murder, Mayhem & Mistletoe – Buy it today!
Samantha Storm –
Eye of the Storm – Available Now!

4 responses to “Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe is out ;-)

  1. I’m totally jealous of this cover! It’s great!


  2. I just finished reading MM&M. Great read. I highly recommend it. Your cover is wonderful.


  3. Awesome cover, Sam! Can’t wait to read it 🙂



  4. Carnal, eh? Story sounds great! And the cover…wow. MM&M is something I’m definitely going to have to read. I can’t wait!


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