Concentrate and Create

As a little girl I remember being very timid and terribly shy. Not to mention a bit strange. I was happy to play by myself. Being an only child and living in a neighborhood of mostly adults, I always felt alone.

While my mom worked, I stayed home with my dad. He was sorta like the original “Mr Mom”.  Since I had no friends my age to play with, I often lived in my head. I would sit behind dad’s recliner in the corner of the living room with my imaginary friends, Lightning and Blaze. Both were horses. (See, I told you I was a strange little kid.) We would have tea parties behind that chair. I would serve bowls of uncooked oats for each of us. They drank water, I drank orange Kool Aid. Lightning and Blaze knew all my secret wishes.

Needless to say, my dad was totally freaked. He didn’t understand why I didn’t play with dolls like other little girls. Plus he said it was embarrassing when I whinnied to our company. My mom understood that I was just lonely and stuck up for me by saying that I’d grow out of it. It was just a silly stage of some sort.

It was. One day Lightning and Blaze went away.  I think it was around the time new neighbors moved in. They had a four-year-old little girl just my age. Her name was Lucretia and she became my first real friend.

So why am I telling you all this? Because Lu just got in touch with me! I haven’t see her for over 45 years. She still lives in AZ and we are planning on getting together very soon for lunch and catch up. I’m so excited. And amazed too. We moved several months ago and while unpacking I had come across some old, very old, pics of us together as kids. I started thinking about her and what she might be doing and then out of the blue, up she pops.

I find this interesting in another way,too. Coincidence? Maybe. Or did I make it happen by putting the thought out into the universe?

I’ve been spending quite a lot of time reading about how you create your own reality through choices that you make. If you can see it, you can have it. This is where Tina’s goal setting and Brit’s affirmations come in. Choosing thoughts is your greatest power. You are what you think about all day. You get what you concentrate on. I am becoming a believer. Yesterday a friend and I went to the mall. The place was packed. Cars were lined up on Bell Rd just trying to turn in. She said maybe we should forget it. I said, “Nope. we’ll get a parking spot right up front.” And we did.

So, girls, I’m thinking big. Concentrate, concentrate. All the Butterscotch girls are NYT bestsellers. We are, because I know we are.



4 responses to “Concentrate and Create

  1. If you can see it, you can have it. What a great affirmation! Will you put it up as Bev’s Affirmation of the Day? It’s so good we should see it alone so it will sink in…


  2. Bev – I’m so excited for you about getting together with your friend. And about learning the power of manifesting your thoughts! You’re right, you can have anything you want – you just have to put the energy out ther and believe it and work toward it 🙂


  3. Cool concept! Ok, from now on I’m thinking that I’m getting the ‘call’! 😉 Hey who knows maybe it’ll work!

    Have fun meeting with your friend!


  4. Great thoughts!! James Van Pragg always quotes that their is power in words. If you say it and especially out loud it will happen. As I always say, the universe provides. Thanks for sharing special memories with us. It touched my heart.


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