Road Trips, Dramamine & Orgasms

What do you get when you combine a group of feisty writers, a road trip and a Film Premier?  The first Butterscotch Martini Girl’s Road Trip!  So since no one else has stolen my blogging thunder, so to speak, I’m jumping all over this!

The whole idea for this started with Bev.  One of her daughters used to date this guy, Gordy Hoffman, who has since become a renowned independent film maker.  And every time he comes to town, or somewhere nearby for a premier etc, he invites Bev’s family and friends for the premier.  So this time she asked the Butterscotch Martini Girls to tag along.  So, of course we went!

After work on Wednesday, we all met Kayce up at her work and caravaned down to Tucson.  Kayce, Isabella, Brit and I laughed the whole way to Tucson and I’m sure the other car did the same.  Then, lucky for us, we arrived just in time for happy hour.  We trooped over to the bar and were all set to order some drinks, but after standing in line and watching the not so bright bartender struggling to make difficult drinks like Jack & diet and rum & coke for the people in front of us, most of us ordered water, straight soda or wine along with appetizers.  Then we proceeded to do what we always do — have fun!  There were some whispers about how this crazy group of women were probably drunk…lol….little did they know!  We don’t need alcohol to have fun!

We arrived at the Loft a little early and found our tickets Gordy’d left for us andd piled into the theatre.  Since there were about nine of us, including Gordy, we picked a row in the middle of the theatre and almost had to pull Brit off the women sitting behind us.  I think it was the “out of the whole entire theatre they have to sit in front of us” in a bitchy voice that almost sent her over the edge.  But then they stood up, huffed and moved to other seats before Brit could dish out any snarky rejoinders.  Too bad, some of Brit’s comments make GREAT dialogue!  A few minutes later, the movie began and I thought I’d lose my water with lemon and potato skins!

The movie is about a bachelorette party, and one of the attendees is taping the whole thing.  Which meant – the picture wasn’t steady – it was very jumpy, and made that way on purpose.  And since I get motion sickness and there was no dramamine warning on any of the reviews I’d read online, I ended up closing my eyes for 90% of the movie.  Kayce said she was having the same issue, but since Gordy was sitting right next to her, she thought it would be rude to close her eyes – so she stared at Brit’s hand on the armrest for most of the movie…lol.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a good movie, although I didn’t quite buy the ending, and the dialogue cracked me up – because it sounds like our group after a full night of martinis! 🙂

Afterwards Gordy spoke to the audience and answered questions.  The lady who asked him if he thought he’d just ruined his career, and did he think anyone would ever fund a movie for him again cracked me up.  I’d never heard someone so blatant in their face to face feedback.  But Gordy handled it wonderfully and politely.  Then afterwards, we headed over to a local burger joint for some food.

Since several of us were still roiling from the motion sickness, we stuck with soda to settle stomachs and ordered some food which was a definite step up from the bar at the hotel.  Once again – we were our normal rambunctious selves, and someone asked us to make sure we weren’t driving back to Phoenix and inferred we’d had a bit too much to drink!  Damn – we must have a reputation or something – and we hadn’t had a drop!  But the absolute highlight of the night was when Brit was telling us a story and just as the bar took a collective silence, she smacked her hand down on the table and the word orgasm rang out across the bar in very enunciated and very clear terms.  I laughed until tears streamed down my face and so did the rest of our group.  I loved it!

However, our own sweet Brit Blaise was worried about it all weekend, and we finally found out why on the ride home.  She wasn’t embarassed that she’d said orgasm for the world to hear, she was embarassed that she’d cussed right before she said it.  Okay – enter another round of laughing – NO ONE heard Brit cuss – we all heard ORGASM!  🙂  I’m glad Brit feels much better now, and I’m glad she’s such a sweet and wonderful lady – not to mention her ability to project her words in a very full bar!

Thanks for the great road trip ladies!  Let’s do it again soon!


5 responses to “Road Trips, Dramamine & Orgasms

  1. Terrific blog, Tina. It was a great trip and all of the girls were in fine form. Gordy Hoffman was a saint to get us the tickets and I’ve gotta say that even with the motion sickness, I loved the movie. It was called A Coat of Snow and I think one day we’ll see it come around. Probably a bit ahead of its time right now, but I thought some of the performances were really, really strong and although the ending surprised me, I think the clues were there and that it was the right ending for the movie. I personally enjoyed it very much.


  2. I’m all for doing it again! I had a blast, but it was pretty hard getting back to work after such a great time of doing nothing but having fun. That’s hilarious about Brit. I hadn’t a clue she was embarassed about swearing. Would have thought? 🙂


  3. Kayce, Tina and Isabella say they didn’t hear anything but the word orgasm. There’s nothing wrong with the word orgasm. What I said first…that’s another story.

    Who knew I had such impassioned sentiments bottled up inside me…waiting to explode right after someone said Brit wasn’t “like that” in person.

    The movie was very enjoyable and I didn’t get sick…just freaked because I didn’t know what Kayce was doing. I couldn’t see her eyes open and I thought she’d fallen asleep. I didn’t want to say or do anything to draw attention to her since she was sitting next to the director.

    And you gave me a bad rap…I didn’t even think about going over the seat. I couldn’t do it if I wanted to. The women mouthing-off about us setting right in front of them needed a little adjusting of their bad attitudes. Can you imagine how stupid they felt when they realized they’d complained about the director’s guests? Actually one of them would’ve been sitting behind him.

    As I said on Tina’s blog…I guess I can’t tolerate unnecessary rudeness or a skeptic. The list is growing.


  4. I thought about it 😉 I did I swear, I just didn’t know how racey we could get on this board 😉


  5. too funny I switched the replies around by accident..I meant to write on this one..i am glad you guys had a fab time and it totally sucked that I didn’t get my ass up there. 😉


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