Contest: To Enter Or Not To Enter


That is the question.

I always had mixed feelings about contests.  Over the years I’ve entered a few.  I’d get good scores, then I’d get the one that always kept me from finaling and getting to an agent or editor’s desk.  I gave up on them, and decided to try my hand at submitting to agents and see where that lead me.

Well, it lead me to a thick folder of rejections.  Oh, I’d have a couple of nibbles asking for changes, but I never got that big bite.

After a couple years of this, I thought I’d try one more time going through the contest route.  Heck, what did I have to lose, other than some money?  So I tried one more time and entered five contests in over a month.  Hey, the more the merrier.  This time I did my homework.  I checked if each chapter had a score sheet online so I could gage where my entry might fair.  I weeded out the ones where the hero and heroine’s meeting was paramount, because none of my books worked that way.  Next, I checked the agent and editor looking at the final three entries.  I checked their background by word-of-mouth and on the internet.  Then I picked the ones I really, really wanted.  I didn’t want to waste my time and money on a house or agency I didn’t feel comfortable with.

I plopped 5 in the mail to the contests I thought each book had a good chance with and I waited…and waited.

Suddenly, the calls started coming.  Soon a find out that I’ve finaled in all five of the contests I entered.  I was absolutely floored.  The odds were just not in my favor for something like that happening.  Then I realized that many factors were on my side this time.  I did my research, I had more time to work on my craft and I persisted and didn’t give up.

And now I’m waiting…and waiting to see if I get another call. J

But I’m not going to give up if that phone doesn’t ring.  I’m too damn stubborn.

Carol Webb

2007 – Emily Finalist for Shrouded in Mystery in Paranormal
2006 – Suzannah Finalist for Shrouded in Mystery in Paranormal
2006 – BEACON Finalist for Shrouded in Darkness in Paranormal
2006 – CTRWA Connections Finalist for Shrouded in Illusion in Paranormal
2006 – 3rd place in VOS’ Hot Prospect Contest for The Long Road Home in Short Contemporary
Two Time Gold Heart Finalist

5 responses to “Contest: To Enter Or Not To Enter

  1. Wow! What a fabulous Sig line!


  2. Congrats Carol! This is your year – I can feel it! 🙂



  3. Good job, Carol. Your hard work has really payed off. Yep, this is your year to shine!


  4. You’re doing awesome and something will happen. Keep up the great work!!!! Isabella


  5. Thanks guys for all your encouragement!


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