Heart’s Paradise..free read continued

She watched the blood pooling on the sand. She closed her eyes and shook her head in denial. This could not be happening. But it was and she needed to get her act together and go get help, but as she started to get up a strong hand clamped down on her mouth, muffling any cry for help.

She was roughly lifted to her feet. “I watched you two. Like animals rutting in water. I am so disappointed in you Amanda. I was willing to forget everything and take you back. But now how can I knowing you allowed that pig to touch you.”

Allen dragged her across the sand away from Devon. She struggled, using her elbows, nails trying to get away. Devon was bleeding on the sand she had to get back to him, had to help him. If she didn’t hemight die.

She bite down hard on the hand covering her mouth and was rewarded with a loud curse. Her mouth was free. She took a deep breath and let the scream rip through her, but before it could leave her lips, something crashed down hard on the side of her head and everything around her went black.

* * * *

Allen had lost his mind. Amanda could hear him pacing back and forth above her. She could even see his movements between the floor boards. As far as she had been able to figure out she was in some kind of crawl space beneath the floor. She spent most her time on her side hogged tied with duct tape across her mouth. Twice a day Allen opened the trap door and pulled her from her prison. She didn’t know what was worse, having her legs and arms fall asleep as the rope cut off circulating, or the utter torture she felt when he loosed her binds so she could eat. It was true agony as the blood pumped back into her hands. Tears streamed down her face as she forced her fingers open and shut.

She knew better than to talk to him during mealtime. The first couple days she begged and pleaded with him to let her go. Every time she spoke up he slapped her hard across the face. She had learned quickly to only answer when talked to.

Every day it was the same meal – a ham sandwich and a tall class of lemonade. He would watched her from the corner a gun pointed at her head. When she was done eating, he would wave the gun and motion for her to tie her legs and then he would walk over and tie her hands and tape her mouth shut ignoring her struggling and protests.

The first time he had hogged tied her, she tried to make the ropes around her legs loose, thinking when she was back in her cubby hold she could wiggle her feet free. But he had checked the ropes before he lowered her and had given her a smack on the head with the butt of the gun for her misbehaving. That’s what he called it misbehaving. Even in his madness he resorted to civil behavior, talking to her most times as though she was an invited guest instead of a hostage. But then there were those other times, when he would start calling her names, things like slut and whore and during the times Amanda was most afraid. His eyes held a look she couldn’t put into words. Something resembling an unbalanced animal.

She watched him now from across the room as she ate. There was almost nothing resembling the man she had known for so long in his expression or mannerisms. His eyes darted around the room at every creak in the old house. Old it was more like abandoned. On the walls cracked white paint and spider webs hang from most of the surfaces. The only two windows in the room were boarded up, but between the boards she could see slivers of daylight.

How long had she been here? It had been four days since she found herself awake, tied and imprisoned. But how long had she been unconscious. The last thing she remembered was being dragged from the beach. Devon. Was he dead or alive? She forced the image of him bleeding from her mind. He was alive. She refused to believe anything else. She was barely hanging on as it was. She had to believe that Devon was out there somewhere looking for her.

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  1. Hey, Devon, where the heck are you?


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