No News, Good News?

Well, I haven’t heard back from the four contests I entered and finaled in back in December.  I have to admit I’m getting a bit nervous.  I guess it’s all that waiting.  What’s that saying, be careful for what you wish for?  I can just see myself in a state of panic if one never mind two editors/agents want to see more of my work.  I guess, I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  At this point, it’s all out of my hands.  But I’m sending positive thoughts out in the universe! 🙂

Just saw a bit of Oprah last night on ‘The Secret’, which is sold by book and video.  The group behind this idea or philosophy believe that what you vocalize becomes your reallity.  It’s much more complex than that.  But they were saying that if someone asks you how you’re doing and you come back with, “I’m getting by”, more than likely that is exactly what you’re doing.  Instead, find yourself saying “Fantastic.”  Then by vocalizing it, fantastic eventually becomes your reality.  I guess it’s all similar to ‘fake it until you make it’.  I think positive affirmations and belief at succeeding is so important in life and in writing.

Have a great day, everyone!  I’m going to have a ‘fantastic’ one!


2 responses to “No News, Good News?

  1. I’ll have a fantastic one too!


  2. “fake it until you make it.” Carol, I love it!


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