New Review for Warriors Gone Wild

December 2006
Triskelion Publishing
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Fantasy Quest by Tina GerowAstiria Petrey went to fantasy Quest, a place designed for your fantasies. When a game Astiria is playing becomes reality, Astiria can only hope that Lerik is real also. But then Astiria is sent on a quest where she could end up losing, and that meant losing the man she has come to love.
A fabulously sexy tale, that shows one woman she just has to believe in herself.
Guarding the Hellion by Linda Wisdom
When Shar, the Lord of the Dark asked Brady Hays to bodyguard his stepsister Raven while she is on earth, Brady saw no problem, until he met her. Soon both are tied together in a fiery passion. But what happens when Shar finds out?
An incredibly sizzling story, sure to scorch your eyebrows.
Mac to the Future by Dakota Cassidy
Jaynie Renfro is working for her mother, helping the contestants and editor for That’s Amore magazine, when the very handsome Mac tells her he is there for another reason and needs her help. Jaynie has fallen hard for Mac, but when Mac leaves he does not just leave town he leaves for a whole different time.
Fascinating and sensual romance that will have you wanting your own time traveler.
Time Thieves by Brit Blaise
When Jenny Bender meets Daken Bender, she cannot believe he is from the future, until he proves it. As Jenny helps Daken’s team fight the Korin, Jenny realizes she has fallen in love with Daken, but soon Daken must go back to his own time, never to return.
A sensational spicy tale with loads of action and men to die for.
Spectacular, this is one anthology that gives us the kind of warriors we love, sexy alpha heroes who would do anything for their mate. Each story added its own spice with different situations and impossible odds, all for the woman they are destined for. Creative characters and plots keeps you enthralled as you move from one tale to the next. This reader would love to see a sequel to each of these stories, as the authors did such an incredible job of making you want more of these Warriors Gone Wild.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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