The Universe is on Fast Forward!!!

I can’t believe it’s Friday already.  Where the heck did this week go, let alone February?  I seriously feel like the universe is on fast forward.

I found out last week that CEREMONY OF SEDUCTION, my first book with Kensington is coming out this August instead of next year sometime, and so my dh and I are scrambling to get the Cassie Ryan website up.  Not to mention, I’m busting my rear to get some word count going on the 2nd book as well as my other WIP’s, as well as working up some high level story ideas for my agent, and waiting for edits on INTO A DANGEROUS MIND, (which goes to print in April,) CEREMONY OF SEDUCTION, and the SEDUCTION Anthology I did with Cheyenne McCray, Jennifer Ashley, Calista Fox and MacKenzie McKade.

I also had some rather irritating poor customer service experiences this week (check out my blog for a full rant on that!), and things keep popping up that are keeping me from making good word count forward motion this week.

Oh, and let’s not forget that RT is looming quickly and I don’t have a dress for the Triskelion luncheon yet or my new ‘Got Gargoyles?’ buttons ordered yet!

Whew!  I’m making myself tired just thinking about it.  But as my new word count buddy is always reminding me – we have to find the positive in all things.  So….here’s my list of positives and what I’m grateful for. 🙂

1.  I’m grateful that not only do I have an agent, but I have one who I really like and who is willing to work with me on moving my career forward.

2.  I’m grateful that I do have writing deadlines and overlapping edits because that means I’m working in a field I love!

3.  I’m grateful for all my friends, critique partners, word count buddies and etc who love me even when I’m scraggly and writing in my dragon pajama bottoms, or when I use the word ‘lips’ eighty times in twenty pages :), and when I send them strange questions about strange things while I’m doing research for my stories.  What would I do without you guys?

4.  I’m grateful for my husband who gave me this chance to stay home and write full time and has stepped up his work schedule to try and bridge the income gap.

5.  I’m grateful to my terrific son for being proud of a mom who writes ‘those kissing books’ and who always points out my books loud enough for others to hear him every time we go to the bookstore. 🙂

6.  I’m grateful that my mind is warped enough to come up with all these story ideas and to actually get them down on paper.

7.  I’m grateful for all the readers who ‘get’ me and my writing and still want more.

8.  I’m grateful for a universe where someone as ‘off’ as me can find my niche and thrive and be happy.

9.  I’m grateful to my two orange tabby cats who always seem to know when I need some comfort, and then come and burrow on each side of me while I try to write.  I’m even grateful for Rusty who likes to flop sideways on my keyboard and sometimes accidentally sends emails before I was ready and who ALWAYS leaves little orange hairs in between my laptop keys!

10.  I’m grateful for Starbucks – who makes my current legal addiction – Venti, non fat, 7 pump Chai Latte with Whipped Cream! 🙂


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