it was a hot day at the renaissance fair ;-)

Kayce will tell you all about the weekend, can’t wait to read about the dog humping story. It was a blast! I had a great time. I know its not my day to blog, but I figured I would share a story about what happened to me at the renaissance fair.
The renaissance fair was a blast..but it was a hot day. Which was fine. I was okay with the heat because its not even summer temp yet. I was okay..that is until I made the mistake of going into the port-a-potty. I am not joking it must have been a thousand degrees in there. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a tad, but it was damn hot. And by the time I got done doing my business, which consisted of making sure myself, my purse nor my hat fell into the hole from hell, I was so hot I was thinking shit I am going to get heat exhaustion if I keep this up. Now I am quite familiar with the sensation of heat exhaustion since in another life about five years ago I helped run the family landscaping biz which meant I spend a good portion of the time out in the middle of the desert.
Did I mention that I live in Arizona and in the summer the temps can reach 120. Normally when we worked out in the desert we got up at 4:00 am and then stopped working at noon, mainly because it would be so hot the machinery such as dozers and loaders would stop working. Be amazed at this point that I know how to drive a loader 😉
Sorry I digress, yeah its true I am taking a break from working to sit here and bullshit while I wait for my coffee to heat back up so I can get that zoom zoom feeling pumping thru my veins again and I can get back to work.
Anyway one occasion years ago when I was a desert chick we were out staking claims, which means I was out with a backpack of wooden sticks walking up and down mountains with the rest of my family stopping ever mile or so to line up some funky measuring machine so we measure 1500 by 600 feet – you make a big square and put a stake at each corner of the square. Four stakes for each claim. Yes, it is just as exciting as it sounds. But if you get good at it you can do 25 claims in a day– the family record.
Okay back to the story…this day we were staking claims – Todd, myself, my dad and my mom — it was hotter than usual. In the Arizona summer heat the one thing you don’t ever want is humidity. You can stand 110 degree heat if its dry. Add any humidity onto that and its gets kind of hard to breathe and function. We had taken with us from the truck the normal amount of water we would take for such an occasion, but since it was humid none of realized we were drinking more and more often and the water was getting less and less. The rule when working in the Arizona desert is you drink every half hour whether you are thirsty or not. On this occasion we all run out of water at the same time and we realized with horror that we were about a 2 miles from the truck. Now I have had alot of odd adventurous out in the boondocks since my father is a geologist and we would spend a good deal of our off time out there with him messing about. I have had more than a few scary moments, but none of them have been life threatening (okay I take that back, maybe a few were, like the time my dad decided to jump the pick up truck across a dry river bed). Mostly they end up with a funny story that we can all laugh about later. But on this occasion I have to tell you I was really freaked out. My dad was starting to look as though he was getting heat exhaustion. I was getting a heat headache and we were out of water. Cell phones don’t work out there and it was a long walk back to the truck (in which could be found two five gallon jugs of the precious liquid.).
We put our heads down and walked. Over and up the hills, across the dry river bends, amongst the cacti we went, trying not to panic. By the time we got the truck dad was in bad shape and the rest of us were not far behind. We took salt tablets, guzzled down luke warm water and thanked our lucky stars we made it all in one piece. We were all sick for about three to four days after. Heat exhaustion the next day feels like a combo of the worst hangover you ever had and the high temp feeling you get with the flu. If you get too hot you can go into heat stroke (which can lead to you keeling over dead). If you get heat exhaustion really bad you can have a bad reaction to heat for months. You can ever get it so bad you can’t work out in the sun again. I have met a few people who had to move out of the state because they got heat exhaustion so bad it ruined them for ever working in the Arizona sun again.
Now with that story in mind, its understandable that I may have over reacted a bit when I ventured out from the porter-a-pot feeling hot, tired and with a monster headache. In hindsight I realize my headache was probably due to allergies, the exhaustion due to a sugar crash after consuming way too many hand made, hand dipped chocolate thingies. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but it seldom stops you from looking like an idiot. Because when I started to feel too hot and exhausted and the pounding headache came on I admit I panicked a bit. I thought, “oh no, I have heat exhaustion.”
I made my way to the nearest none port-potty restroom, one with a sink, and I proceeded–to the horror of the four woman standing nearby– stick my head under the faucet and soak my head. The looks on their face when I emerged from under the faucet, hair dripping wet down my shirt, was priceless. My response of course was to burst out laughing, which only made the bystanders more uncomfortable because now you could tell by their expressions they were worried I was between medication 😉
So there is my renaissance rambling story. The coffee is heated and I must get back to work. 😉
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One response to “it was a hot day at the renaissance fair ;-)

  1. Sounds like I missed a fabulous time! Sorry about the “heat stroke” as a long time Az resident, I can relate. I spent my youth hiking mountain trails. I don’t do that any more.


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