Writer’s Weekend…

This will make a good follow up to Samantha’s post…lol.  This past weekend, Kayce and I trucked up to Superior, Arizona — a map blip which is mostly a deserted mining town with a few die hards that are working to bring it back.  (Samantha may disagree with this, but it was kinda cool driving through what felt like a ghost town!)

Anyway, Kayce and I took a long meandering drive up there and then took the scenic tour through downtown Superior (here’s some pics – http://www.city-data.com/city/Superior-Arizona.html).  So as we drove by streets such as Magma Avenue and Porphyry Street (gotta love those) we checked out the abondoned XXX store and a few buildings that only had the brick frame left standing.

Anyway, we hit Samantha’s house and met the big poofy dog (a white standard poodle) and a gaggle of other pets and got the tour of the house, which I think is a few houses hooked together.  I swear I got lost in that house a few times just finding my way to the freezer for ice!  Anyway, they have a huge backyard complete with a few free-standing cars and a few mother-in-law type houses.  Samantha, Teri Chapman, Kayce and I sat around the living room writing, gossiping, brainstorming and generally taking it easy.

Then we got to go out to see Superior’s Fire dept practice using the jaws of life.  Or at least we tried 🙂  We watched for a few hours, and of course, as Murphy’s Law would have it, they chopped up the car five minutes after we left…lol.  But we were getting hungry, so we trooped back to the house for food and drinks.  And a side note here – if you’ve not yet tried the new Capt. Morgan’s dark Tattoo rum – it rocks! 

Anyway, it was terrific out there at night – you can really see all the stars way out there and we all sat around the fire pit drinking and chatting.  And when we were finally dozing off, we all headed back inside to stake our claims on a place to sleep for the night.  Teri & dh had already picked a room, and Samantha & her dh had their own room downstairs.  So, Kayce & I each picked one of the leftover rooms and started getting ready for bed.  Well, the room Kayce picked is where the big poofy dog usually sleeps, so since she’s a dog-lover, she had no issue with sharing.  But I think all the new people were too much for poor Prince.  He was so excited he was jumping all over the place.  Kayce was sitting on the edge of the bed and I was standing in front of her in the doorway.  Samantha decided to get the dog on the bed to let him calm down a bit and realize it was time for bed.  Well….let’s just say he didn’t calm down so well.  He started bounding around on the bed, and the next thing I know – he jumps up, draping a paw on each of Kayce’s shoulders from the rear and he’s humping her for all he’s worth!

Apparently, Kayce thought he’d just jumped on her until she saw my face…lol.  Oh MY!  I told Kayce that’s the best action anyone got all weekend…lol.

The night was pretty uneventful and Sam – thanks for the really comfy bed! 🙂  We all got up the next morning and after lots of coffee and hot tea, we were ready to head down to the Renaissance Festival.

Kayce hurt her knee last week, so she and I were in extreme low gear all day, but we trooped from shop to shop and managed to find some cool stuff.  A drum for my son and her grandkids, a wooden truck and a whistle for my niece and a new belt for my dh.  Not to mention a turkey leg and a yummy nut roll.  We also managed to find two very HOT men wearing tight leather pants.  Yummmm!  I think we followed those guys for about 20 minutes appreciating the view.  But then they sat down…sigh…and we had to make due with a guy dressed in a jester suit with tights.  Let’s just say he looked VERY nice in tights, and so did that tight little tush!

Well, we only made it about half way through the festival when both she and I were dragging.  Of course, that was the first day it started getting into the 90’s.  What the hell is up with that?  90 in March?!?  Anyway, we drug our way out to the car and then in true Butterscotch Martini Girl fashion, we gossiped the whole way home. 🙂  I have to say, it was a nice relaxing weekend, but I didn’t get a whole lot of writing done 🙂

But hey – at least Kayce got lucky…


2 responses to “Writer’s Weekend…

  1. It’s true superior has made alot of money looking like an old mining town. You can see the town in the movie eight legged freaks, prophecy, the toni hillerman mysteries that show on pbs, and the movie Uturn (where they actually covered the streets of superior in dirt to make it look even more deserted). I totally dig living in hickville. Love the apache leap mountains, theres a great view of them from my backyard. Totally dig there is no waiting at line at the post office (which because of RJ I have to go to everyday) and like knowing the people in town and not being a nameless person in my neighborhood. What can I say, I am geologist daughter and I have never liked living in the middle pavement. If I can’t see some mountains or desert around me, I not happy. 😉


  2. Okay, I’ll admit that I’m late blogging…and I’m late checking the blogs, so I guess it serves me right. But imagine my surprise when I get a note from my cousin in Arkansas asking if I’ve abandoned the whole internet dating thing for the big hairy guy in Superior. Huh? Took me about 5 seconds to figure out what had happened. So I hot-foot it over here and there it is in black and white. (groan) By the way, Sam, has he mentioned me at all?


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