Sometimes I wonder if rejection is a synonym for writing.  Maybe a close cousin?  A bastard child of writing? I just know they seem to appear in the same sentence lately.  I also think anyone who writes for any length of time and submits becomes very intimate with the word…rejection.

Today I received a rejection.  There’s nothing new in that.  Believe me I’ve received numerous rejections in and out of writing.  This one though beat my record.  I sent a completed, requested manuscript for review late on Sunday, and received a rejection when I got up this morning.  That’s a 1 1/2 day turnaround.  I’ve never gotten one that fast.  I can thank the internet for that.  It’s an amazing technological tool, and the speed of communication is amazing because of it.  The down side…those rejections can boomerang right back at you in record time. 🙂

But am I going to stop submitting?  No.  This is just another bump in my road.  The destination at the end of this road is far too important to let a little ol’ bump get in my way.


4 responses to “Rejection

  1. You know if it was really easy it wouldn’t be as much fun. Think of the excitement we’ll have when you get the contract. And you know you will, you are on the right road. It’s all in the timing.


  2. Thanks, Bev. You’re always have something positive and uplifting to say!


  3. I totally dig your writing and so far I am 20/20 on my “dig her writing she will get published just a matter of time” Stat 😉 I expect you to make me 21/21 😉 I haven’t been wrong so far 😉


  4. Thanks, Samantha. Twenty-one is my favorite number. 🙂


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