Do NOT use

This is a definite venting alert!

I have a lot of bookmarks printed – a set for pretty much every book I have that comes out.  Someone pointed me in the direction of a few years ago, and I happily used them ever since.

That was until today.  For those of you who have read my blog, you know last year I sold a 3 book deal to Kensington writing erotic romance as Cassie Ryan.  Well, I got my new cover – which is beautiful.  No bodyparts showing – it’s very sensual and suggestive – but so are tons of covers. 

Anyway – I submitted my bookmark design to them using the cover below as the front, and they told me it was not Acceptable because of their position.  I asked yesterday when I wrote them back if I could see a copy of their policy so I could better understand what their objection was.  They wrote me back today saying the position is unacceptable.  No policy, no nothing.  Just that they were putting my order on hold.

So, I’m TICKED!!!!  Their brand or company logo is nowhere on my finished bookmark and this cover is acceptable enough to be displayed globally in Barnes & Nobles, Borders and many other chains.  But GotPrint won’t print them.

Now, I’m pretty sensitive to what I have my name on as well.  You can see more than this on prime time TV or at your local theatre.  

That’s their right, but mine as a consumer is word of mouth and where I spend my money.  I wrote them back a very professional letter (thanks to all those years of Corporate America training) telling them just that and basically that I would tell every author I could find not to take their business to GotPrint because they couldn’t be relied on to print it if it didn’t meet their ‘acceptableneses’ test.

So, if you’re an author, or someone else who gets promo items printed.  I would urge you to take your business somewhere besides there.  I will – and thanks to my Kensington Aphrodisia author loop, the other authors have sent me names of several other companies, one of whom will get all my future business!

If you want to see a copy of this ‘objectionable’ cover – check out my Journal on my website –


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