Once Upon the day before Easter…

Hello all!  Sorry I missed my blogging Friday.  Life is getting hectic since Romantic Times Booklovers Convention is looming.  Only sixteen more days until we board the plane for Houston! 

I have my Fairy Court costume, my Vampire Ball costume and my Trisk luncheon costume (except for the gloves), and my costume for the Ellora’s Cave Ball.  I’ll dress professionally for when I speak on the paranormal panel, and due to scheduling, I may end up wearing the black full length dress from the Trisk lunch to the Kensington book signing.  Anything else is getting jeans a nice top and comfy shoes.  After all, we end up dancing until they close the place down, so comfort is definitely key!

Oh, and can’t forget about the book fair.  I’ll make sure I’m presentable yet comfortable for that too!  This year I’m signing Fire Maiden, Stone Maiden & Warriors Gone Wild.  My Kensington book, Ceremony of Seduction, won’t be out until August, so it won’t make this book signing, or the one at RWA Nationals, but I’ll be excited when I can finally sign it.  It’s my first book writing as Cassie Ryan, the first in a three book series.  I’m currently writing Vision of Seduction, which is due in August, but I’m hoping to get turned in by May.  Which means – I need to write, write, write!

So, on that note – it’s time to head off to bed so I can be awake and perky for tomorrow morning writing before we head off for Easter dinner with the dh’s family tomorrow.  Happy Passover, Happy Easter or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year.  May your family be happy and healthy and enjoy time together during this holiday season!

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