I sold a erotic romance novella to The Wild Rose Press as an ebook.  I’ve signed the contract.  The title is Burn Baby Burn.  Right now I’m unsure as to the publication date.  Below is a short blurb.

Marisa Carter wants to photograph Ethan for a local charity calendar of sexy firefighters. Ethan McCafferty wants something far different. Stripping his shirt off for a picture isn’t enough. He wants to take it all off, and convince Marisa they’re perfect together in and out of the sheets. But is Marisa willing to take that risk? Ethan is her cheating ex-husband’s best friend.


3 responses to “Sold!

  1. How exciting for you. I’ve seen your cover and it makes you want to run down to your local fire station and check out the firemen. And, I love your title. Burn Baby Burn, too cool…er…hot!


  2. Thanks! I can’t wait to see your book coming out soon!


  3. Burn Baby Burn? Wow! These people know their stuff. I’d be all over that title!


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