More Good News

I’m back home from the RT Convention in Houston. It was a great party. I haven’t danced that much in years. Thanks Forrest. And, thanks Jennifer Ashley for the loan of your darling, dancing hubby. I think the BSMGirls are planning on making him our future cover model. Start pumping iron Forrest, you may get “the call”.

RT was more than a great time. Besides meeting all the many talented writers and lovely readers we also had a chance to attend workshops and get the latest information on the publishing world. And the food was good. Not to mention the butterscotch martini’s, that is, after Tina and Isabella schooled the bartender on how to get it right. I’ll let one of the other girls tell about the Faery Court and the Awards luncheon and, hopefully, we’ll have pictures soon.

Meanwhile, here’s my good news. I have a short story coming out this month in ebook format with The Wild Rose Press titled Layover. This is really exciting for me because it’s my very first book. It was co-written with a friend and being released under the name Tia Dani. This will, hopefully, be the first of many more short stories to come under this name. Please visit my website at

Here’s my cover blurb.

For months, Bree Alexander has fantasized about a frequent flyer she’s labeled as Mr. Sex God. Little does she know Steven Cain secretly desires her as well. When an unexpected flight delay strands them together, will Bree and Steven take this opportunity to turn their fantasies to reality…before their layover ends?


6 responses to “More Good News

  1. I can’t wait until the book comes out. When it does, I’m going to run and get myself a copy!


  2. I can’t wait! I wish I could be there for the release party!


  3. I have to agree with Bev about the fab dancer Forrest is. We had a blast with him.
    Be sure to let us all know when Layover is released! We will have to celebrate with what you ask? Why Butterscotch Martinis, of course!


  4. Kayla and Forrest could audition for that tv show, So You Think You Can Dance? They had the moves down. I’d vote for them.


  5. Dani, a big congrats!!!! Can’t wait to be first in line!!!!


  6. Okay, I’ll settle for second in line…right behind Isabella. Congrats, girl…there is definitely a book release party in your future.


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