Burn Baby Burn is out!

I think it’s a little steamy in here!  It might be all my excitement because my Miniature Rose from the Wild Rose Press is out and available now. I thought the day would never arrive. 


If you like your romance hot, you’ll love Marisa and Ethan’s journey. 


Marisa Carter wants to photograph Ethan for a local charity calendar of sexy firefighters. Ethan McCafferty wants something far different. Stripping his shirt off for a picture isn’t enough. He wants to take it all off and convince Marisa they’re perfect together–in and out of the sheets. But having been burned once, is Marisa willing to risk getting too close to the sexy fireman? After all, Ethan is her cheating ex-husband’s best friend.

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3 responses to “Burn Baby Burn is out!

  1. Congrats Lynne! 🙂



  2. Congratulations, Lynne. I’ve already bought my copy. Yep, it’s a steamy read all right. I love it!



  3. Thanks so much guys! Now if I could just stop looking to see where its ranked. So far its been #1 for a while on the erotic category of the Wild Rose Press. Thanks for your help in putting it there!


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