Breaking Tina Gerow news…

I’ve had tons of questions hitting my email box, so I figured I’d post here what is now up on the homepage of my website.  Here it is:


 I have recently received my rights back on INTO A DANGEROUS MIND, STONE MAIDEN, FIRE MAIDEN & TAKE IT OFF.  What this means is that INTO A DANGEROUS MIND is currently not available for sale anywhere.  My agent is helping me shop for a new publisher for that book, so stay tuned for updates!  STONE MAIDEN & FIRE MAIDEN are no longer available in eBook, but are still available in print while supplies last with my last and can be found in any brick and mortar bookstore or through Amazon.  My agent is also helping me shop for a new home for the Maiden series.  As soon as I find a new happy home for the gargoyles – including the third book, ICE MAIDEN, which hasn’t been released yet, I’ll post the information here and on my journal. 

This may sound scary, and many of you have expressed concern that my gargoyles are going away.  But don’t worry – this is an exciting move and will hopefully make my books more easily and widely available to everyone.  Thank you to all my readers who have written to me, or talked to me in person at RT.  You guys are terrific – and than you so much for embracing my gargoyles, and my first book, INTO A DANGEROUS MIND.  Stay tuned here and on my blog for news as it happens! 



6 responses to “Breaking Tina Gerow news…

  1. I’m excited for you and can’t wait!!!


  2. Thanks Isabella 🙂



  3. Hey Tina, was great meeting you at RT!!! I so look forward to reading your books. Thanks and well done on your fantastic news!!


  4. Fabulous news and very exciting new opportunities. Good on ya!


  5. Thanks all 🙂 I’m really excited about all the new opportunities! Here’s hoping my agent loves the Maiden series!



  6. Of course your agent will love the Maiden series. What’s not to love? They’re great books.


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