Fast Forward and other ailments…

Someone really needs to stop hitting the fast forward button.  I could’ve sworn that I just blogged last Friday – it CAN’T have been an entire week already – right?  Not to mention, I KNOW my son just started the school year, but his last day of school is next week.  What the heck happened to the entire year??  I just got used to writing 2007 on my checks and now we’re half way through.  Something seriously wrong with the space time continuum lately.  I’m sooo not ready for 2008 yet, or even the last half of 2007!

Anyway, enough whining for now 🙂  I have to save some for later.  Because you never know when you’ll need a really good whine.

So instead, I’m moving on to today’s topic, which is things I’ve learned from my children.  (Okay, I only have one kidlet, but I’m counting my niece in here since she’s close, and maybe a cat or two!)

1.  When you’re missing your two front teeth, you can put a cheerio in your mouth without opening your jaw.

2.  How to build a MySpace page.  Yes, my twelve-year-old walked me through building my Cassie Ryan MySpace page.  He changes his weekly, so I figured it was time to capitalize on his knowledge…lol.

3.  You can fit an entire grilled cheese sandwich into the opening of a VCR and still have room for all your Lego pieces.

4.  Having blonde hair and big blue eyes with a cute smile turns men of any age to mush.  (This one from my niece)

5.  The more children you have together at one time directly lowers the age and IQ of all the children in the group.  (I can vouch for this one in my own life too.  That’s why covering that entire car with tiny post its, then saran wrap and then whipped cream seemed like a productive thing to do one night in college.  But it was fun!!!  Especially when the guy came out too late to take them off and had to drive to work like that.  He took off the saran wrap, but the post its fluttered all the way there…lol.)

6.  You can fit your head inside the garbage disposal, but that doesn’t mean you can get it back out.  (This one is actually from one of our cats.)

7.  If you paint a white dog with wiry hair (West Highland White Terrier) with a tube of ‘Pink Chocolate’ lipstick – no matter how many times you wash her, she’ll stay pink for about three months. 

Anyone else have any to share? 🙂



4 responses to “Fast Forward and other ailments…

  1. Okay, 6 and 7 you really dropped my jaw! 🙂 And I’m never going to mention 7 to my kids. They’ve wanted to color our dog pink for years!


  2. LOL Lynne! yup – it really works. Clinique’s pink chocolate has staying power – at least on the dog!



  3. I’ve got one for you.
    A 2yr old jabbers jibberish noone can understand EXCEPT for the cuss words. They come out perfectly! (My son taught me that one) 🙂 Kayla


  4. ROFL Kayla 🙂



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