I was tagged..8 things you dont know about me ;-)

Okay I was tagged a while ago..what can I say just coming out of the work cave 😉 So now I am going to post 8 things you don’t know about me.

1. I can crochet. If you knew me well you would be totally astounded at this announcement. I am NOT a domestic diva. I hate to cook and although my husband and I take turns during the domestic stuff during the week, whenever possible, I bribe to take my turn. When I was in my twenties I would wait until I was down to my last clean outfit before I would do laundry. Yes, laundry turned into an all day event, but I didn’t care. Anything to keep the torture of washing and drying clothes out of my life for as long as possible. My idea of cooking is to open a can of soup and make a sandwich. Once in college I lived off nothing but a huge bag of popcorn I got at COSCO for a week– yes folks, that’s popcorn for breakfast, lunch and dinner for seven whole days. So with this background you can imagine how shocked people are when occasionally I make someone an afghan. I hand over the gift and what follows…me swearing on everything including my mother’s life that I made it. What can I say both my mom and my grandmother crochet and they taught me how to do it when I was seven. I often crochet, during the winter while watching TV. If you know me well you are probably freaked out by that image and waiting for the punch line. There isnt’one. I can crochet. Get over it 😉

2. I don’t like zombies, tidal waves or spiders. I know it’s an odd list and it’s not likely that in my daily life I will come in contact with a zombie or a tidal wave, but what can I say, they all freak me out. I am a big movie buff, but I always shy away from anything that has a brain eating freak or a fifty foot wave in it. There are exceptions to the rule. I watched and loved Shaun of the Dead, though every time the walking dead came on screen I would cover my face with my hands and peek at them from between my fingers. The perfect storm and eight legged freaks will never make their way onto my netflicks queue.

3. I don’t believe in umbrellas. I like getting wet during a rainstorm. Which was never a problem until I moved to a state that has monsoons. Reno, Nevada where I grew up only gets about 2% rain a year. That means there are very few rainy days and when it does rain it never last for more than a few minutes. In Arizona during the rainy months, I have seen it rain so fast and hard that in under an hour the street in front of my house became a river. Still, don’t ask me why, probably just because I am stubborn I try to hold fast to my no umbrella rule.

4. I am an Amazon. If you have met me in person this is not a surprise. Okay, I take that back. During RT this year I had an author that sat across from me at a table on no less than a dozen occasions and never realized how tall I was until she got into an elevator and suddenly turned to find her face hitting my elbow. Honestly I think she was so shocked that I was six foot two that she could not get words out and was reduced to pointing at my head and laughing hysterically throughout the whole ride. I like being an Amazon and truly feel sorry for anyone who is under six foot. I can’t imagine not being able to see over a crowd or having to ask for help to reach the high stuff on a kitchen shelf. 😉

5. I can’t read in the car, I get motion sick. You can’t imagine how awful this was for me as a kid since I love to read and spent a lot of time traveling around by automobile.

6. I always sneeze in threes. Don’t ask me why but whenever I sneeze it always happens three times in a row. But there is a bit of a pause between each achoo. Which meant that my teachers always thought I was messing with them trying to cause trouble and interrupt the classroom. I would sneeze, they would stop, then start to talk again and bam here comes another sneeze. A vicious glare my way and they would start to speak again and bam sneeze number three. So whenever I sneeze and people say, “god bless you” I answer back with just wait, there will be two more 😉

7. I played basketball in college on a scholarship until I hurt my back. Once people realize I am an Amazon this is not a shocking announcement. But for people that only know me as a freelance webdesigner and computer geek it seems to really surprise them to find out I played sports most my life.

8. I am a change dropper. Nope I didn’t say name dropper, you read that right, I said change dropper. Apparently I leave change all over surfaces in the house and quite often dump the change by accident on the floor. I had no idea I was a change dropper until my RT roommate commented on the fact she was making serious money picking up quarters and dimes everywhere. I asked her where the money was coming from. She pointed in my direction. It baffled me. I never see any change at home, so I called my husband who confirmed that he picks up changes constantly and has cans full of it in the closet. Thinking on it I realized I hate to carry change in my pockets or purse so whenever I come home I always take out the change and put it in whatever location happens to be handy – the coffee table, book shelf, my desk. Now you might be wondering about the change on the floor. Apparently it’s in my pockets and whenever I change my clothes somehow I must turn my pants upside down in the process, the changes falls to the floor and apparently I never notice. Though I think it has more to do with the fact I have bad knees and probably notice but think, man I am so not bending down to pick that up because if I do I may not get back up off the floor. 😉 So there you go come room with me sometime and you can make yourself a small fortune following me around and swiping all my change 😉

Samantha Storm – http://www.samanthastorm.com/
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2 responses to “I was tagged..8 things you dont know about me ;-)

  1. My mom always sneezed in threes too. We were always waiting for the third, so we’d know she was done! I like the image of you covered with yard and the light of the TV illuminating your face.


  2. Great stuff Samantha! I still laugh about the zombie thing though. Although I’m not big on snakes, so there ya go. 🙂



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