Nora and the bunny comment…

I read Nora occasionally, and one of her books is on my keeper shelf, where it will stay. But I don’t gush, just respect. I’ve seen her at RWA functions, mostly at the bar where the butterscotch martini girls like to hang. I’m not saying Nora hangs there, we do. So if she pops in for a quickie…  Anyway, I had no clue, as usual, that I missed something until I read JC Wilder’s blog  

After being directed to Smart Bitches, I caught up. 

And while my opinion is my own, I must say this: When Nora sicced a bunny on one of the bloggers, I cracked up. Way to go, Nora. And if you have a chance…go check out the Nora bobblehead. Her husband sells them at his online book store. I believe she’ll even sign it upon request.   

Turn the Page Online Book Store


Nora Robert's Bobblehead doll



One response to “Nora and the bunny comment…

  1. I like the bobble head 🙂


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