How Tia Dani Began:

You know how something happens that wasn’t planned?  That’s kinda how Tia Dani happened.

About six months ago, Kristia Eaton and I got together and wrote the short story Layover just to have some fun.  We wanted to get our writing jump started and try to find a way to stick to a writing schedule, plus stay motivated to complete and submit a manuscript.  Also we decided that working together might be a fun way to learn all the technology of submitting and editing online.  I don’t know about you, but I always find it more fun when you work with a buddy.

Anyway, I’ve said many times before that erotic romance wasn’t our first choice of genre, but on a whim we thought, hey, if we’re going to try something different, and it’s just for fun, then what’s more fun than writing an erotica? Right? So the writing of Layover began. 

While having all this fun we discovered something else about ourselves.  We have this unique quality of being more than just friends sharing common interests.  We understand each other.  We think alike when we’re writing, and often finish each other’s sentences without missing a beat.  Yet, we still maintain our individuality.  It’s these differences that make our writing stronger.  Dani (that’s me) has the ability to bring out the “What If” scenarios that can make a story tick.  Snicker…at least I try.  And Kristia (my writing buddy) excels in arranging all my “What If’s” into a semblance of order.  She calls it stacking the dominoes.  (Future workshop?)

All-in-all, our strengths seem to work well for us. Together we create endearing and realistic characters, humorous dialogue, and unusual settings.

And, best of all…we’re having the time of our lives.:-)

Dani w/a Tia Dani 

4 responses to “How Tia Dani Began:

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I’m glad you have a writing buddy because this can be a lonely business.


  2. It seems to be going well for both of you! I’m reawlly excited for you.



  3. Brit, is right. It can get pretty lonely when you’re writing solo. I’m glad you have someone you really mesh well with!


  4. I’m excited that you found you’re writing voice. I can’t wait for more. Isabella


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