New Review for Burn Baby Burn!

I so wanted to share my most recent review that I just received for BURN BABY BURN. I was thrilled to find out that the reviewer gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars from ecataromance!__________________________________________________________

For her blazing story about unspoken desires, Lynne Logan has penned a delightful premise packed with heartfelt feelings and lusty passions. With some amusing situations and numerous moments where the hearts of the characters are on the line, this story will stir the emotions of readers in countless ways.

When the firefighter calendar she is working on puts photographer Marisa
Carter and Ethan McCafferty in the same room alone, he sincerely hopes more
than just picture taking develops by the end of their session. When Ethan
was asked by Marisa to be one of the real firefighters who will be featured
in the calendar benefiting a local women’s shelter, he wanted to make her
see him as a desirable man, not the good friend of her former husband whom
she divorced after he cheated on her. Since discovering how untrustworthy
his friend was as a husband, Ethan ended his friendship with his fellow
firefighter. Now he plans to make good use of the time he and Marisa will be
spending together while she photographs him for his chosen month.

During the photography shoot, Marisa is determined not to notice how
gorgeous Ethan is without a shirt on or his charming ways, as she believes
he is still friends with her deceitful husband. When an opportunity puts
them close together at one point, they each feel the potent attraction
between them, yet Marisa is afraid to act on her yearnings because of the
nature she believes he possesses. With unwavering resolve to prove he is not
also a womanizer, Ethan hopes to have another chance to reveal his true personality to her.

With its exceptionally sexy hero and feisty heroine, this story is
entertaining all through the book, as this couple experiences some of life’s
real moments. Lynne Logan has a way with words, as readers perceive the
deep, inner thoughts of her characters in vividly described scenes. There
were times when I could sense the intense longing felt by Ethan for a woman
who gives the impression of not being aware of him at all. As for Marisa,
the anguish she feels for having been betrayed by her ex-husband is
genuinely depicted, as are her fears and convincing reactions. From almost
the instance these two are introduced to readers, the sexual tension between
them is obvious from the physical as well as mental reactions they try to
keep hidden from each other. When they finally give in to the potent desire
which has built to an exceedingly impassioned level, the scene is as fiery
as any roaring blaze needing containment by this brave fireman. Teeming with
earnest feelings between Ethan and Marisa, there are plenty of incidents
where their sincerity is quite unmistakable, giving their story a frankness
from the candor between them. BURN BABY BURN has combustible heat and
powerful emotions, resulting in a story with a very gratifying conclusion.



A. Richard

Burn Baby Burn



4 responses to “New Review for Burn Baby Burn!

  1. Wow Lynne. What a awesome review for your lusty little story. And very well deserved. I’m thrilled for you.

    Dani w/a Tia Dani


  2. When is the next one coming?


  3. Cool review!!



  4. Thanks, everyone. I’m waiting to here back on another short, erotic romance tentatively titled Private Pleasures.


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