Deadline Stress & Other Maladies

Since my deadline is causing me major stress right now, you have two choices – you can go back to my post last Friday and re-read that and be uber impressed that I actually blogged on something informational while I’m having my stress meltdown (Rationalization – always a favorite 🙂 Or, you can just let me remind you that my contest for a signed copy of Ceremony of Seduction is over next week. I will have my kiddo draw the winner at random early next week from among all those who are subscribed to my monthly Tina/Cassie email newsletter.

If you’d like to subscribe, head on over to my MySpace page and look down the right hand side (Under the glittery thong and the slideshow of my cover and pic) and you can subscribe right there 🙂

Anyway, think productive story thoughts for me, will ya? I’m off to Starbucks with my iPOD and laptop and will be there until my butt falls asleep in the chair. (Talk about leaving you all with an ice pick visual picture! LOL)


5 responses to “Deadline Stress & Other Maladies

  1. When’s the deadline and how close are you?


  2. Sending you productive story thoughts your way. Hope you get pages and pages done today!


  3. Thanks Lynne!

    Brit – I’m about 20K shy, but I had written myself into a corner, so a few weeks ago they group helped me brainstorm some changes and I had to go back to the beginning and rework and thread things in and kill others. So, I’m on chapter 11 of doing that. Sigh!! My extension goes till September 12th, but has to be on her desk by then. So, i want to finish before I leave for New Orleans on Thursday so the crit group has a chance to look it over before I send it.



  4. Hi, I just signed up for your newsletter.


  5. Thanks for signing up for my newsletter Cathy 🙂



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