Tia Dani’s Review- Layover

It’s Tuesday again and my day to blog. While sitting here pondering what to write I suddenly realized that our first review for Layover came in a few weeks ago, and looking back over the blogs here, I noticed that I had never posted it. And I need to do this because it’s a great review.
Fallen Angel Reviews gave us 5 angels!

Layover by Tia Dani is one wild ride! What a wonderfully satisfying little story! Bree has been watching a man she calls Mr. Sex God in the airport for a while. She sees him every time she travels, yet hasn’t been able to “connect” with him. Not the way she’d like, anyway. But when their flight is delayed, opportunity presents itself and Bree and Steven make good use of their time. I don’t want to give any of this short tale away, but let’s just say that Bree and Steven find a nice, secluded spot to get to know each other better.

Tia Dani knows how to write erotic romance. This little story is brief, but she makes good use of every single word. I love the way the characters speak so naturally. The dialogue is perfect for the piece, an so well written it’s almost like peeking into their tryst. The premise is believable, and I could see how this could easily happen in an airport. In fact, I’m sure it does happen! I enjoyed this erotic short story immensely. It is short, but not sweet, ane the sex sizzles. Honestly I’m hoping to sometime have a little Layover like this! Who wouldn’t be? Believe me, after reading this story airports are beginning to look a whole lot more intriguing to me! This is a great little story, sure to please.

Review by: Carly

Anyway, you can see why we, the writing team of Tia Dani, are so thrilled with this review. I just checked The Wild Rose Press site and we’re still on their current bestsellers list. That’s always good news. I can’t wait to get a pay check just to see how many sales we had over the quarter. Hope it’s good. Our fingers are crossed. If you would like to read an excerpt jump over to our website, http://www.tiadani.com.

We are also excited to announce that The Wild Rose Press has asked for us to submit a full m/s of our story, Color of Dreams, that you all (BMG’s) helped with the synopsis and cover letter way back when. Remember the tree hugger heroine who’s aunt is a witch? Yes, that one. Wish us luck.

My friend, Vijaya Schartz, vijayaschartz@cox.net just posted a bit of sad news on one of our writing loops that the famous cover model Rob Ashton, Mr Romance 1995, died on 8-26-07 from an aneurysm. Fans around the world will miss him.

Well, this is about all I’ve got, other than it’s not only our writing that’s hot, so is the weather. We have abundant sunshine and could reach a sweltering 110F before it’s over today. If my desk wasn’t so piled up with work, I’d be out in the pool. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day, and I bet it’ll be hot then too. Sigh. I’m ready for some fall weather. Oh right, this is AZ we don’t have fall. Another sigh.

Everyone have a wonderful day of sexy writing.

Dani, w/a Tia Dani

2 responses to “Tia Dani’s Review- Layover

  1. 5 Fallen Angels!!!!! Way to go! I love to see this happen for you.



  2. I think this is fantastic and well deserved! You’ve worked hard for it.


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