Coffee, keys, birthdays, and Karma…all in a day’s work.

It’s not my day to blog, but I forgot last Saturday had to share this with you all. So I hope whoever’s day it is will forgive me for cutting in.

I got up this morning very tired and emotionally on empty, so I decided to take a slower run at the day and stop for breakfast and a cup of coffee before going in to work – like I used to do. It was wonderful…a really nice, slow waking up and then it was time to face the day at the office. On my way out of the restaurant, I took time to help an old couple (he in a wheelchair and she pushing it) out the front doors of the restaurant. It took some physical gymnastics, but I managed to make their exit easier and was pleased with myself. Then I got to my truck and discovered I’d lost my car keys. So after much frantic searching…table, floor, kitchen, sidewalk, peeking in truck windows, I finally gave up and started calling to get someone to bring them to me. Sounds simple, right? No…not today, it would appear. I called my son only to be reminded that he is in San Diego…duh. And…oh, by the way…


Then I called my neighbor who is always home and for some strange reason, the call kept going to some off the wall phone company that kept telling me the phone number she’s had for 20 years is invalid. Then I called my friend, Patti, who lovingly jumped in her car to rescue me by going to my house to get my other set of keys.

Then it was time to let the office know I would be late…easy enough? No! We’ve automated our phone lines, so reaching a warm body is no longer possible. I called 8 different people before I finally got someone who could give me the phone number for the secretary. I could have looked up her number on my computer (which I had with me), but she recently got married and I couldn’t remember her new last name. Duh! So 8 calls later, I manage to leave her a message to clear my morning calendar, not knowing if she was even in to get the message or not.

Then I settle in to wait. But while I’m waiting, I retrace my steps at least 5 more times and we all (me, waitresses, hostess) search the restaurant 3 or 4 more times while I consume at least 3 more cups of coffee. Now I’m not feeling so well. So I decide to give up my spot at the table and move away from the coffee pot and wait in a chair in the entry foyer. While sitting there waiting for my spare keys to arrive, I’m watching out the window and what do I behold? My black car keys sitting on the black windowsill right next to the front door in the foyer of the restaurant. Fortunately, since I was sitting in a chair waiting, they were now eye level and almost poked me in the eye…which is the only reason I even noticed them.

This entire incident made me think of Karma or reaping what you sow or whatever you believe in that gives you that auto payback thingie. My first thought was a cynical and half humorous one that it was what I’d earned for my act of kindness in helping the old couple out the door with the wheelchair…that should teach me. Then my next thought was just the reverse…maybe it was my reward for taking the time to help them. After all I’d been put through trying to call in late, get new keys brought to me, and waiting in the foyer for the keys…God literally had to put the keys right in front of my nose for me to find them. Sometimes he really has to go out of his way to help me…and today is one of those days. But I’m feeling awfully fortunate right now for the reminder that there is someone looking out for me because today is a day I just couldn’t do it alone.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Have a great day, Happy Birthday to my son, and hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!


2 responses to “Coffee, keys, birthdays, and Karma…all in a day’s work.

  1. Way to look on the positive side! How strange that way they showed up right in front of your nose. Hope your son has a great birthday!


  2. Wow. What a day you had. Glad you looked up when you did.


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