New Review for Burn Baby Burn

I just received a review from Cocktail Reviews from Bloody Mary. She gave Burn Baby Burn 4 champagne flutes!

“Marisa hires Ethan as a model for the firefighter’s calendar she’s making to raise funds for the local women’s shelter. Ethan’s urges to have sex with Marisa have to be ignored—his former best friend, Alex, used to be her husband.

Ethan is a rare man. He broke off his friendship with Andrew because of how he treated Marisa. Due to the circumstances of the photo shoot, what with Ethan having to disrobe a little, Ethan and Marisa share a kiss. But Marisa pulls away, obviously still confused about her ex husband and the fact that Ethan was his friend. Alex had told her stories about Ethan’s sex life, so naturally, Marisa doesn’t want to get involved. If only she knew how Ethan really felt and acted!

Marisa speaks to her friend Jenny, who advises her. Marisa sets up another photo shoot, and things take a saucy turn. Will Ethan and Marisa get it together? Or will the ever-present hurts from the past linger and spoil hte fun?”

I just love finding new reviews!

3 responses to “New Review for Burn Baby Burn

  1. I remember feeling that way at one time…loving to find them. Now, with so many stories out, it only adds to my confusion!



  2. Another great review. You’ve got a bestseller here! Way to go.


  3. Great review Lynne!



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