I’m busy writing. Shhh. I get distracted easily. I’m really into this story right now and don’t want to lose my train of thought.

It’s our vampire story and I’m deep into some research. Yes, you’re right. That’s why I took a little break. You know how much I dislike doing research. Well, I don’t dislike it and I guess ‘dislike’ isn’t the correct word, it’s just sometimes I want to write and hate to take the time to look up stuff. I prefer to have all my research done before I start writing. I’m the plotter, not panster, remember. I like to make a notebook with all the character outlines, pictures of clothing, hairstyles and etc, plus all the notes from all the research we’ve done on places, plants, whatever. I want all my ducks in a row. Still something always pops up when our story takes an unexpected turn. (darn that Tia) Then it’s back to research. My writing buddy on the other hand loves research. I guess that’s why we balance. What about you? Do you like to spend lots of time on research? Oh idea, maybe I could hire someone to do all my research? Naw..I’d have to pay them. I may have to wait till I’m a bestseller author. Hey, wait, I am a bestseller. On The Wild Rose Press site anyway. Works for me.

Well, I’ve filled up my coffee cup, hung the do not disturb sign on my office door, so it’s back to my vampire story. I’ll let you know when it’s finished. Shhh…


2 responses to “Tuesday

  1. I’m in the middle. I enjoy some research, but too much becomes painful…lol. Good luck on your book!



  2. I like research, but I’m easily distracted and make into an event…not a good thing…a goof thing! It’s a goof thing!


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