Tonight was the Phoenix Zoo, Zoofari fundraiser. Black tie event, lots of really great local restaurants, beer, wine, liquor, and terrific bands.

My friend Kathy suggested it to Isabella and I a few months ago. So, what to do? Well, the date sort of crept up on me, so earlier today I was doing a frantic dig though my closets to find some formal clothes that fit. Luckily, I attend enough writing conferences that I had some things that didn’t even have to be dry cleaned.

So, at 7pm sharp, we all met on the bridge outside the Phoenix zoo and stood close to the front of a huge line of people dressed to the nines. There was a brisk breeze that pretty much negated anything we had done to our hair before leaving, but the weather was beautiful.

We walked in through the front gates and were immediately handed glasses of champagne and a lanyard full of wine tickets. (Beer, wine samples and etc came with the price of admission, but mixed drinks were cash bar.) They also had silent auctions, pictures with some of the animals and some other events to raise money for the zoo.

Literally dozens of restaurants had set up and were giving samples and let me just say I’ve never had so much orgasmic food in one night!! There were spareribs with chocolate sauce that were so tender they melted in your mouth, lobster macaroni and cheese, braised rabbit on French bread slices, decadent wine and chocolate combinations, great wine samples, Drambui, Flavored Vodkas, Surf & Turn in a glass, paella and tons more that are just a blur of wonderful tastes.

We didn’t drop thousands of dollars at the silent auction, but there were quite a few people who did, and there were some amazing things up for auction. We did, however, get our picture taken with a gorgeous yellow bird – not that I remember exactly what it was called…LOL!

Anyway, it was really fun other than my feet hurting from my shoes (heels are not my favorite thing!). There is another event in the spring at the Zoo called Brew Zoo which sounds like it will be fun too!


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