Woo Hoo Another Review!

Layover got another review. This one is from Sensual Reads & Reviews. 4 Roses!

Bree’s desire for a sexy stranger has been driving her to distraction. She dreams of a hot encounter in the bathroom of the plane they share every month. She has been fantasizing for months now, and now she’s got the chance to make that desire a reality. Steven has been curious about Bree for some time now, but has never allowed his feelings to get any further than that. Discipline is his middle name, and the young woman strikes him as being a bit on the wild and free side. When the two of them are informed of a two hour layover, Bree decides to take matters into her own hands as he warms to the thought of experiencing her body. A little bit of liquor and a willing friend help make this a layover to remember.

Layover was a tremendous story, aside from a few details that seemed forced, this is a masterfully told tale of the dance between mutually attracted strangers. The sexual tension is well-presented, dialogue is believable, and this brings the characters to life. Tia Dani does a wonderful job with this hot little encounter, and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about hot, spontaneous, “lift your skirt and go for it” encounters.

Tia Dani
The Wild Rose Press
Reviewed by L.E. Kelly

3 responses to “Woo Hoo Another Review!

  1. Are you having fun? Wonderful review and keep them coming!


  2. Yes, Brit I’m having fun. 2 reviews now and both are good ones, so, yea!


  3. Great job! I’m so proud of you 🙂



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