Reviews: To Read Them…Or Not

Every now and then I do a google search on each of my pen names and my book titles. It’s a great way to find out if you have any new reviews on your books you didn’t know about, what readers are saying on their blogs, which countries are carrying and selling your books and much more.

However, during my latest foray around the world wide web, I found a review on Amazon UK titled “Hated It,” which detailed a bunch of reasons why they, well…hated it.

Now I’ve been in this business long enough to know that some occasional bad reviews are just part of being a writer. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t wince with each bad word written about me or my work. And the fact that I’ve seen literally dozens of great reviews or great comments for every bad one doesn’t seem to make those few bad ones hurt any less. After all, a lot of myself went into each and every book, and no matter how much practice you get – it’s hard to realize that criticisms of your work aren’t really criticisms of you.

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t dwell on those few bad comments for very long, but they do strike a blow to my writing self-esteem for a few long seconds.

I know some writers who refuse to look at ANY reviews or comments about their books or their pen names. I’ve thought about adopting that same practice, but reading those great reviews and those great letters I get from readers really gives me a boost, and helps me speed forward through whatever writing I have to accomplish for that day. So, I guess I’m not willing to totally turn my back on all reviews, which means I just have to develop some tough skin and keep on hoping the good to bad ratio stays at much more good than bad. 🙂

How does everyone else handle the occasional bad review? Any nuggets of wisdom?


3 responses to “Reviews: To Read Them…Or Not

  1. Alas,
    I feel your pain. I read the reviews, good, bad or indifferent. The good ones, like you stated, give your confidence a boost. Hey, someone really liked my story and they want more! The bad- well, you can’t please everyone all the time. My advice, throw the bad ones away and move forward. Who knows? Maybe the reviewer or reader was having a bad day and unfortunately decided to take it out on your book. On the positive side, if the good outweighs the bad ~ I’d listen to the good! 😉


  2. Man, I feel like such a shit. I get crazy over what I perceive as bad…and I’ve never had one that cruel. Thanks for sharing because I know my time is coming. And the comment they made was totally personal…I hope it wasn’t a reviewer because that’s unprofessional.


  3. Thanks for posting you guys. Sharing my misery does help – because I least I know you guys understand LOL 🙂

    I’m over it – but last night when I found it, it was a bit depressing!



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