Hero of the Month

I learned of Sister Rosemary through CNN’s Hero’s contest. She heads The St. Monica Girls’ Tailoring Centre.

The Gulu district in Uganda has been under conflict for two decades now. Many young women and boys are abducted and taken into the bush by rebel soldiers, known as the Lord’s Resistance Army. They have terrorized the communities in this country, and are known for cutting off peoples hands, feet and ears. If abducted girls survive from the LRA, they are at times forced to become wives of the rebels. Many of the boys are tortured and forced to join the rebels’ army against their will. Both boys and girls may also be forced to kill their own parents and siblings among other innocents.

Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe has lived her whole life in Gulu, Uganda and has seen LRA’s devastation. She refocused her school to help rehabilitate the girls by giving them room, board, an education and vocational skills free of charge. The girls also receive classes in life skills, such as sewing, cooking and cleaning. St. Monica’s Girls Tailoring School has made a huge impact on the community. Many companies call the school requesting employees. Also, the school feeds, houses and rehabilitates about 300 girls and their babies each year.

As Sister Rosemary, the Centre Director says, “We need to develop people so they can cope with the future. Many of these girls are not accepted by their families when they return from the bush. We want to give these girls a chance to survive and succeed as well as helping them to learn to love the babies they have been forced to have.”

They do accept donations at http://www.ruralhospitalrelief.org.

Thank you Sister Rosemary. You’ve not only touch one life but many.

Until next time.

Lynne Logan

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