Not resolutions – goals.

I don’t believe in making New Year resolutions because 9 times out of 10 I fail at them. A few years ago I started to make a list of goals and found those I can stick to. So near the end of December I start to think of what I plan to accomplish in 2008. Here is my list of goals for the world to see and if necessary help me stick to!
1. Lose the extra 20 pounds I’ve acquired, and keep it off.
2. Submit 3 proposals a month.
3. Land a contract with a NY publishing house.
4. Finish 2 of the book ideas I have started.
Well, there it is. 2008 lined out for Kayla Janz.
I’m off to instant message chat with my son currently serving in Afghanistan.
Take care all & Happy New Year ~ Remember, 2008 is gonna be great!
Kayla Janz
Oh, I almost forgot! Chloe’s Christmas was the #3 bestseller at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid for December.

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