Working toward your goals

Okay, last week I posted my goals for 2008. Now it’s time for a progress report.
Goal 1. Was to drop 20+ pounds and get myself back into shape. – This is for health reasons as well as no longer fitting into my clothes. I had a body fat index reading done and was astounded when I was told I was in the “health risk” range. This did not bode well with me since heart disease runs rampant in my family. So I’ve started to change my eating habits and will start working with a trainer at the gym twice a week come Monday.
Goal 2. Submit 3 proposals a month. – I’ve written the query letter, first 3 chapters and submitted them to my critique group. (the BMG’s) Still need to do some more work on the synopsis and will then send it off to them too. Once I get their feedback I will make revisions and send off my packets.
Goal 3. Directly tied to goal 2. Get that NY publisher to notice me and my writing!
Anyway, that’s what is happening with me. Thanks for letting me share.
Kayla Janz

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