Our Guest Blogger…Joy Nash!


Butterscotchmartinigirls guest blog

Hey, Brit, Isabella, and all my martinigirl friends – thanks for inviting me to stop by and chat with all your fans. I’m really gonna miss seeing you ladies at the Glendale Chocolate Affaire this year! Do think of me shivering in the Cold North while you’re basking in the sunshine eating those fantastic chocolate-covered strawberries.

All of you out there within driving distance to the Chocolate Affaire, do try to attend. Besides chatting with lovely and talented authors, and buying chocolate in all its forms, there’s non-stop live music and tons of craft booths selling all kinds of wonderful things.

Now, it’s confession time…

Do you know, I’ve never had a butterscotch martini–or, actually, any kind of martini.

Yep, that’s right. Truth is, I’m a total pathetic wimp when it comes to alcohol. One drink and I’m looped. Two, and I can’t walk straight. My husband doesn’t mind this in the least. Says I’m a really cheap date, lol.

Let’s see – some other random thoughts…

Music – I like The Killers, My Chemical Romance, and Green Day. I don’t go out of my way to listen to music from my high school and college days (ie Oldies that are older than I like to admit), but I like hearing them when I run into them. I don’t care too much for country or rap. I enjoy some hip hop, if it’s not too whiney or repetitive. I like classical music, but not jazz.

TV – I don’t watch a lot of it any more, otherwise I’d never get my books written! But I became majorly addicted to LOST in the past couple years. I’m looking forward to the new season starting in a couple weeks, though I hear it’s going to be shortened because of the writers’ strike. Other than that, I’ve introducing my kids to my TV addictions of the past on DVD. X-Files (we’re up to the seventh season, just before Mulder went on the lam), and Star Trek – went through the entire Original Series, and now just getting into The Next Generation. We’re also working our way through Seinfeld.

Kids: I got three of ’em. Insanely, they were born within four years of each other. Pretty much, the not-so-little-anymore ex-rugrats suck up all my free time.

Husband: Still on my first  We met when I was eighteen & he was twenty, and got married six years later. He was an Officer and a Gentleman, I was a Navy Wife. After a couple years of that, we left the military and started having kids. We celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary last autumn. Yes, now the mathematicians among you can now figure out how old I am!

Pets: My dog is the best. She’s a sweet nine year old liver-spotted Dalmatian, Maia. She’s very sweet, and gets me off my butt for a walk most days. She comes over when I’m typing on the computer and head-butt my hands off the keyboard. She loves all people, especially kids, but hates other dogs and the UPS guy. Currently, we also have two hermit crabs in residence. My son’s asked for every kind of lizard imaginable, but I keep saying no to any animal whose food has to be alive.

Housework: minimal

Cooking: Ditto. What with each kid in different afterschool activities, we do a lot of take out at my house.

Hobbies: Reading, of course. My very favorite thing to do. (Well, maybe my second favorite ). I also like movies – new and rented. I like gardening, both flowers and vegetables. I grow heirloom tomatoes, started from seed, every year. And basil and sweet peppers. My favorite flowers are sunflowers. I grow a dozen different kinds.

Exercise: Supposed to be good for you, right? Take that with a grain of salt! I know more people with sports injuries than I can shake a running shoe at, so my motto is: don’t overdo a good thing. I walk my dog, and ride indoor and outdoor bicycles. I avoid running, aerobics, or any form of yoga like the plague. I’ve tried all of them, and have come to the conclusion that all three make me look and feel like an uncoordinated klutz. That thing about Tuesday’s child being full of grace? Well, I was born on a Tuesday, so I know it’s not true!

Shopping: Hate it, hate it, HATE IT. After one hour in a store, my brain starts to glaze over. Unless it’s in a bookstore. Then you can’t get me out of the place.

Best things about being an author? Getting emails from readers who really connect with my stories and characters. Hanging out with other authors, (the most fabulously creative people I know!) and getting lost in discussions of our characters and plots. Oh, yeah, and seeing my name on the book cover. That never gets old.

Book I’m currently hawking? DEEP MAGIC, out this month (January) from Dorchester Lovespell. Deep Magic is the second in my Druids of Avalon series, after The Grail King. The series follows a band of Druids, ancestors of King Arthur, as they reclaim their sacred home on the isle of Avalon, and delve into forbidden magic that will shape history in the ages to come. My first book with Dorchester, Celtic Fire, is a “prequel” to the Druids series. Brit was so kind to post the cover and blurb here a couple weeks ago.

Up next: Immortals: The Crossing (October 2008). Very soon, I’ll be submerging myself in deadline hell for this one.

All the best! Thanks for reading to the end.


5 responses to “Our Guest Blogger…Joy Nash!

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  2. Thanks Joy. A butterscotch martini is like candy…try one, you’ll like it. It was great of you to stop by today.


  3. I hate shopping too and I missed the drunk-shopping by certain BMGs, I might’ve been able to tolerate that.


  4. Thanks Joy. I feel like I know you a little better now. And, absolutely, you can count on me to have a chocolate covered strawberry (or 2) for you at the Chocolate


  5. I’m soooo excited to see you’ve dropped by and loved getting to know more about you. I can’t wait till I get your books because I love all things Druid. Don’t forget I owe you a Butterscotch Martini at RT!!! Isabella


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