A Fun Filled Weekend!

This last weekend, I was in downtown Glendale helping out my local chapter of Romance Writers of America at the Chocolate Affaire.  Tons of books were offered for sale, from Science Fiction Romantic, Erotica to Inspirational and Romantic Suspense.  Even though there were so many different genres, each author had one common goal: to tell a story and have someone read it.


Well, we had a wonderful crowd show up and many were dying to read what our authors had to write.  This year we were lucky enough to have a cover model, CJ, show up and take photos.  A steady stream of people came to get a photo with him.  His hair was amazing!  I’ve never had it down to my waist in my life. The atmosphere was wonderful, filled with laughter and camaraderie, and it made me realize how lucky I am to call myself a writer.


Lynne Logan

5 responses to “A Fun Filled Weekend!

  1. You’re making me homesick…



  2. It was a fun weekend all right. I was lucky enough to have Judi McCoy as a house guest, drive CJ to his hotel, sit in with the BMG’s on a workshop and eat chocolate covered strawberries. All this while surrounded by romance writers. I am indeed lucky.


  3. Good heavens, Tia. That is luck indeed!


  4. Too bad it was so darn cold. I could have put the top down on my car and let CJ’s waist length, blond hair blow in the breeze. Sigh.


  5. LOL. I would have loved to see all that hair in the wind!


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