A Rose Is A Rose, or something like That…

Since tomorrow is Valentines Day, I’ve got roses on my mind. And, I found some interesting facts I’d like to share. Do you think about what color of roses your loved one will send you? I don’t really care what color they are, I just enjoy getting them. However, I guess each color has a meaning. Here are a few of them.

 Red Rose. The most popular of all rose colors, red roses symbolize deep love, romance and passion.  The red rose has long been a symbol of beauty and perfection and can also symbolize courage.  A dark red or burgundy rose depicts a beauty that is uncontrived and unadorned.

White Rose. White roses represents purity and innocence and can also symbolize reverence and humility. They are often used in bridal bouquets as a symbol of spiritual love, unity and new beginnings.

Pink Rose. Pink roses convey a message of elegance, grace and gentleness. Deep pink often signifies appreciation and gratitude while light pink signifies admiration, joy and sweetness.

Yellow Rose.  Yellow roses symbolizes friendship, happiness and warmth. yellow roses can also convey a disire to start anew or give a relationship a second chance after a quarrel or misunderstanding.

Orange Rose. The bright bold color of orange roses represents enthusiasm, energy and desire. orange roses can also convey pride in an accomplishment or celebration of a new beginning or venture.

Purple Rose/Lavender Rose. Lavender or Purple Roses express the feeling of love at first sight. These unique and beautiful roses convey a sense of enchantment or something magical.

Peach Rose. Peach roses can convey many sentiments such as gratitude, appreciation, admiration or sympathy.
They can also conveyfriendship and  socialability. A pale peach rose symbolizes modesty.

Coral Rose. Coral roses represent desire, passion and excitement. It also says “I admire your accomplishments” and represents good fortune.

Blue Rose Symbolize mystery or something desired, but unattainable. Blue roses do not occur naturally and are artifically colored.

Yellow Rose with Red Tips. A yellow rose with red tips symbolize friendship falling into love.

This is just a few, there are many more colors and color combinations and then you get into the number of roses you get. That has a meaning also. If you are interested in knowing more about roses, their colors and color combinations or what the number of roses means, visit the web site of What Roses Mean at www.whatrosesmean.com

While we’re on the subject of roses, and since my publisher is The Wild Rose Press, be sure to visit them and see what’s new in their garden. www.thewildrosepress.com

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Tia Dani

2 responses to “A Rose Is A Rose, or something like That…

  1. Thanks, Tia. I loved this post…maybe because I love growing roses. Although, I have none here.


  2. I’m so glad you posted this. I’m always forgetting what color means what.


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