Mid life crisis or keeping up with the Jones’?

What is this fascination men have with “outdoing” each other? A few of the guys my dh hangs out with have motorcycles. No big deal. They ride Harleys, Hondas, whatever. Great for them.

Until yesterday.

Another one of my dh’s friends decided it was his turn to get a bike. When the dh found out he got jealous and threw a pity party. Sorry, I didn’t join him. I don’t see the need. Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, today I took “the kid” out for new jeans. While we are out shopping my cell phone rings. “The guys are coming to get me. I’m gonna go look at bikes.”

Which translates to: I’m going to buy a motorcycle. See you later.

Like I said earlier, maybe it’s me but I don’t see the need to get something just because everyone else has one. I drive a Jeep. NONE of my friends drive Jeeps. I love my Jeep.

I have friends who spend $200-$300 on a purse without blinking an eyelash. I had a hard time spending $50 on the last 1 I bought.

I love the dh with all my heart but am seriously thinking at 44 yrs of age he’s in the crisis era.

That’s my rant for the week. No goals or motivations this time around. Although I am still plugging away at them.

Until next week.


Kayla Janz

3 responses to “Mid life crisis or keeping up with the Jones’?

  1. My personal opinion…doing something because everyone else is, can lead to destructive behavior. I’m right there with you about the bags.


  2. I love the rant. Just think if men could buy dicks….LMAOF


  3. Good rant, Kayla, but just wait till he’s 60 and wants to go on a road trip with his buddies. Guess what came in the mail today?


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