Writing through the blocks

“I’ve got writer’s block.” or “I can’t find my muse.” Excuses, each and every one of them. I could give you a thousand more but, you get the point.

At this moment in time I find myself stuck in my current work in progress. It’s not writer’s block, my muse is right where she needs to be, I’m obvoiusly on the computer, so time isn’t the problem. It’s me. Yep, plain and simple. I wrote myself into a corner. Not an easy dilemma to get out of. “Hmmm, maybe I should’ve taken a left in Albequerque.”

The biggest question I have is where did the story veer off course? Edits are one thing but rewrites are horrid. Anyone who’s ever done them knows exactly what I mean. When I find myself in this situation I work on another project. Writers are never out of ideas so reach into the hat and pick one. Work on it until the knot unravels itself and you can see where you zigged instead of zagged.

My current project is a romantic comedy. The one I wrote myself into a corner on. I think it’s time to open up the murder thriller I’ve had tucked away for awhile. Maybe killing off a character will brighten my day.

How do you work through the bumps in the road?

Kayla Janz

6 responses to “Writing through the blocks

  1. I gnash my teeth and cry? LOL

    Seriously, I did this on my current wip a few weeks ago. Luckily I was less than 100 pages in so it was easy to stop and take a look at where I was, if I needed to scrap anything and just take stock and make sure I could go on like I was (and have enough plot for 250 more pages! which was actually the bigger issue).


  2. Good for you. Did you figure out where and when it happened? I submersed myself into the murder I mentioned and turned 5 pages into 11 last night. The characters running around in my head are now giving me viable information on what needs to happen from here. This is my favorite part of writing. The anticipation of what’s next, that and writing “The End.”


  3. One of my methods is speaking to the left side of my brain before I go to sleep. I tell the left side to work it out and communicate with the right. I also do free-writing to work out a problem. For example, give no less than 20 reasons why the story isn’t working. The first five or six are easy, but the closer you get to 20 the deeper you have to dig…and the more that could be revealed. I do this right before I go to sleep and give my brain permission to work it out, without me.
    If you are a plotter then you might find this strange, but since I’m a pantzer, it’s as close to logic as I can come. However, all that said, I’ve been struggling lately to get my word count. And somethimes it’s because the story bores me. I blew a committment last month since I couldn’t get into the premise.


  4. I LOVE That “I can’t wait to write what comes next” feeling! Actually, I was doing better than I thought. I KNEW what needed to happen, I just had to find the right road and not only did I make it happen, they HAD SEX! 😀
    MOre importantly it was a good/right time to have sex.


  5. Brit I do plot but I’ve been known to turn stuff over to my subconscious too because I honestly believe that (my) ideas need time to cook!


  6. TIme to cook…I love that!


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